Monday, May 06, 2013

SS doesn't do Mondays.

Or Tuesdays, get the idea. Our girl is just not a morning person. What happened to the baby who woke up at the crack of dawn in China, with a beautiful smile on her face? That baby was replaced by a sullen teen boy. And this morning I was able to two team her with P. It was a long process but P made it happen. He even threw in his detangling services to make my morning easier. Which he pretty much does when he is home. On the majority of his days off I don't even make it to school. I really appreciate those breaks.

If we were to follow SS's internal clock she would go to bed between midnight and two, and wake up between ten and noon. We are not looking forward to June 6 and beyond. SS will have to be up at six in the morning, so P can drop her off at summer camp before gong to work. We are going to have some serious fun in the mornings around here. This morning we could have used protective gear. Who knew someone so small could pack such a punch?

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