Tuesday, May 28, 2013

She had a good time.

SS had a great Sunday, while P and I needed Monday to recover from our full day of fun.  SS and A played so well together, and that is rare.  Not that SS can't play or share with others. But SS is easily intimidated by other children, and so far most kids in the team near her age are aggressive. A is a girly girl, but also very laid back, live and let live kid like SS.  She is also an old soul, had me laughing at some of teh things she said. Like SS A is very good at following instructions. Her parents only allowed her to dip her feet in the water, not more than that, and I did not have to remind her once.  We hope they get to play together in the future.

We came home, showered, changed, P put the finishing touches on his potato salad, and we drove over to M's house for a BBQ. When P was invited he told M about our DB commitment, and M told him to just show up sometime after five it was cool. Imagine our surprise when P received a text from L (a coworker) wondering where we were because everyone was hungry and they were waiting for us. Oh well, P wanted to make an entrance and that is exactly what he did. 

P's coworkers have teen/adult children, or have yet to start a family. So SS ended up once again being the only child there. Thankfully SS is used to be the only child at home and it does not bother her one bit. Even better, she had the pool all to herself and had a blast. M got in the water with SS and they had "swim races," with SS winning two out if the three. We got her out of the water when she was shivering too much for our taste, and her lips were bluish. SS whined that she wanted to stay in the water, but the decision was non negotiable. We got her in her robe, and kept her warm until it was time to go home. The first SS said when her butt hit the carseat was "I'm not tired." Too bad little girl, bedtime comes regardless of whether you are tired.

Happy to be back to DB practice.

Such a Baba's girl, even warming up next to him.

Playing with A.

SS got a new skull hat to add to her summer camp accessories.

SS was not happy about her chair, wrinkled her nose and said "But it's old, I need a new chair." Well Ms. Demanding is either the chair or the sand, your choice.

Always has to make sand angels, and bring five pounds of sand inside the van.

Coolest bike rack we have ever seen.

At M's pool.

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