Thursday, May 30, 2013

Apparently there's such a thing as too much cooking.

So we are deep into our cook to beat the heat kick. I did the cooking, P and I vacuum sealed the meals, but it is P who placed the food in the garage freezer. I have never found cooking relaxing, unlike my husband.  However, P found some new recipes, few ingredients, and using the crockpot.  Before I knew it I had shopped for the ingredients and got my cooking on.

No reason to place this pic here, just for the cuteness.

But back to the cooking... The one recipe that was not cooked in the crockpot was the Pasta Carbonara Frittata. Since SS loves pasta with carbonara sauce so much, he thought she would like this as well. Eggs, penne pasta, Pecorino Romano cheese, and SS's favorite, bacon. We made it a few days ago, and it was a hit with SS. She not only finished her portion, but ate what was left on P's plate.  It's definitely an SS dish, but a once in a while only for us. The girl needs all the fat she can get.

That same day I made Hawaiian ribs, P chose the recipe because he knew the sweetness would appeal to SS.  Not only did the smell from the slow cooker drive SS crazy, but the name reminded her of Maui. They are Maui ribs for her now. Whatever works.
SS loved her ribs, and that led to a lot of Maui reminiscing, and SS's announcement that it is time to return. Sorry sweetie, it's going to be a while before we can roam Maui beaches, and feast of seafood. But it is our next trip.

And the dinner led to reminiscing about SS's first taste of corn on the cob, and how she polished it in no time.

When P came home yesterday he found me getting two more dishes ready, beef stew, and rosemary lemon roasted chicken. And there was one more on deck.  That is when P told me I needed to stop. Why? I finally find this tedious task fun and you ask me to stop? Well, since I do not deal with the garage freezer I had no way of knowing it was almost full.  P gently noted that we would have to start eating the food in there. I was having fun, I never really considered the eating part. What can I say, apart from not monitoring my freezer, I am not too bright. Our inside freezer was also full. We woke up this morning to beef stew and...

This beautiful, tasty bird, that we were forced to dig into for dinner; yet we have plenty leftover.

It's difficult to take a picture of SS without having her go into super hero mode.

Meet Captain America Bat.

Not to be left out of the fun P made citrus glazed chicken. I really need to learn to take aesthetically pleasing food pictures, but trust me, it's good.

And this concludes our first summer cooking binge.  Now we have to work on making space in the freezer. Maybe we should get another freezer.  Just kidding P, just kidding.  

SS has four days of school left, she can't wait to start summer camp.

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