Friday, January 03, 2014

The Mission Inn lights.

After our scrumptious Cuban meal we headed to The Mission Inn for SS's (ours too) first look at their lights.  I thought we were so clever visiting after Xmas, but the place was a nightmare, packed to the max.  We found parking on the second parking structure we slowly drove around, and thanks to P's quick thinking when he spotted someone about to leave.  We had seen pictures of their light displays and decided SS could use another light fix before the end of the year.

What we did not expect was a two hour plus wait to enter the lobby.  Since we had not mentioned to SS that was the plan we did not feel bad just walking outside. SS was taken with all the lights and just having a nice walk. Unbeknown to me P's wheels were already turning and he decided we are staying one or two nights at the Inn next Xmas.  The prices are a lot less than I expected.  We have certainly paid more for a run of the mill room when we have gone on a spontaneous escapade. That way SS will be able to walk around the lobby all she wants, and just people watch from our room. 

SS liked the carriages but had to get a dig in that they were "girly, like princess girly, yuck." Get ready to be girly next Xmas, because we decided you are riding one with us.

I'm not sure what SS was doing here, it was taken while I used the restroom. Quirky little thing.

Snowflakes were big with SS this Xmas, she drew them, she crafted her own, she admired them on displays. I told P it would be a good idea for SS to experience one white Xmas. Notice I said ONE, because we are California wimps, we do not do cold. P had his fill when he lived in Idyllwild. Let's see what we can come up with in the future.

SS is crazy about penguins, just like her Baba (I'm partial to them as well). We waited so long to take her to see the Penguin Encounter at Sea World, but just can't bring ourselves to visit. Way before Blackfish came out I had serious reservations about their treatment of Orcas. Now knowing how they callously ripped the babies from their mother's was more than either of us could rationalize in order to take SS to visit. SS will have to get her penguin fix some other way.


Michelle said...

I've only been there at night so I've never experienced the lights at night. Maybe next year. Hey, the place where my friend moved her horse is up Ortega, a little over halfway to your house. Maybe we could meet one weekend day after I ride for coffee(or whatever) one day? I know your weekends are busy. Just let me know. My social calendar is wide open. Lol.

2china4S said...

Hi Michelle!
First Happy Birthday to you and your sees-ter. It'd be a blast to have you guys come over when we stay next year. It'll save you the two hour wait. :)

That is so cool that you drive so close to us. Saturdays are open, since P will always be at work. Let me know when it will be a good time for you.