Thursday, January 30, 2014

A thunderous treat.

SS deserved a treat for her progress with reading during her winter break. But this girl has way too many toys, costumes, and a season pass to Knott's. I told P that another toy was just plain crazy, and before his brain could malfunction forget about another Lego set. We have to do some serious weeding of toys that need to go in the trash or be donated. We decided to treat SS to dinner and a movie. Thor The Dark World was playing at the cheap theater and it was perfect. It's not a new movie, but so much better to watch on the big screen. We also allowed SS to bring her Thor helmet and oh so freaking cool electronic Thor hammer.

We had Thai for dinner at the same restaurant we celebrated P's birthday last year. We were the only customers there, except for a few coming to pick up take out. It's a good thing we knew the food was excellent, otherwise we might have gone elsewhere. It was also a school night and only fly by the seat of their pants parents do the dinner movie thing on such a night.  It was a very nice dinner, but SS was on display from the moment we walked in.  The three women running the place that night could not stop looking at her, and finding everything SS did (or didn't) so damn cute, and awwwww worthy. We are pretty accustomed to the attention and there are times when we do not even notice. That wasn't the case that night. There's something so unnerving about being constantly watched. The waitress came to our table way too many times to ask us (actually SS) if everything was OK. SS also chose that night to chow down rice and noodles like a famine victim. Believe us, it is so weird to look up from your plate to find three well meaning women looking at you like a zoo creature.

While waiting for the movie to start SS got a look at more super hero movies coming down the pike. She enjoyed posing with the posters and talking about all the fun she is going to have watching.  The movie is not something I would have wanted to see, but SS made it worth our while. She entered wearing her helmet and holding her hammer, totally in super hero mode. Then as usual ended up on my lap for most of the movie. We also failed to think about the fact that the hammer does not have an off switch. Really, for that price? SS was uncharacteristically amenable to leave the hammer on the floor to not disturb during the movie.

The best part was at the end when we allowed SS to reach for her hammer during the credits. She put on her helmet (somehow displaced during the movie), then held her hammer up, just like Thor.  The  the lighting looked mighty cool in the dark theater. Much to the amusement of the adults, and jealousy of the kids there. That little dude with the cool hammer. On the drive home we were discussing how lucky we are that we do not have to sit through D*sney Princesses movies. That would really suck and take all the fun out of parenting. 

P still insists that SS REALLY needs a blond wig. Working on it dude, be patient.

Guys, I could have brought one of my Captain America shields for this photo op.

So small, so delicate, so violent.

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