Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fairmount Park

We took advantage of the wonderful weather on Sunday and headed to Fairmount Park.  We thought it'd be good for SS to see some ducks and geese, her under the bridge friends where we used to live. I was blown away by how much the park has changed. That's what happens when you have not visited a place in 20 years.  Back when JJ was a youngin there was a small pond, grass and a few benches.   
Now there are three playgrounds, a second pond/lake, an interactive fountain (tiny for such a big park), and all the weird you can get on a Sunday afternoon.

After we tired SS enough, foolishly hoping for an early bedtime, we went to pick supplies for dinner. We had planned to barbecue and while at the park I decided to add one more item to our shopping list. Why didn't I think about adding corn on the cob? Because it's freaking January, darn you Southern California and your deceiving weather! Not that we are complaining.

Don't know what's going on with SS's arms, but lately she can't keep them still. 

SS saw her first low rider, and it even bounced a few times, much to her amusement.

This play area with the carousel theme was beyond cute.

It did not take SS long to find a boy to play with her.


In case you are wondering (I was), this is a pirate ship.

This is her mean pirate face. Is there such a thing as a nice pirate?

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