Saturday, January 18, 2014

SS was busy during her winter break.

We knew first grade was not going to be a walk in the park for SS, especially with the major change she was about to tackle. Our goal was to have SS at grade level by the end of the year.  We vowed to stand by the slow and steady wins the race motto. The last thing we need is to have SS permanently scarred. And her first semester of first grade was not easy. No one likes hearing that their child is behind.  Add the concerns about SS's development, the upcoming neuro consult, physical therapy, speech therapy, and getting glasses... Dang it, it turned out to be more changes than we expected. P and I have never been fans of long breaks from school. A three week winter break is two weeks too long for us. SS's teacher asked if we would be willing to work with SS on sight words and reading during the break. She did not have to finish the sentence before we were on board.

SS was on break, but we were not, and JJ offered to help. Mrs. S provided us with a book, and stated that if SS could manage to read that book over the break she would be at grade level. Again, we were hoping for progress, little by little. We did not want to pressure SS. JJ followed through and that was a God sent. We did not have to come home tired and cranky, then go over homework with our homework phobic daughter.  We also wanted to give SS weekends off, just like when she is in school.

As I was leaving the church yesterday P sent me a picture stating that he knew it would cheer me up. It was the results of SS's testing the day before.  The goal was for SS to recognize 75 sight words, and to move up four reading levels. We felt that was quite ambitious, and were worried about SS being discouraged.

SS exceeded our expectations, she reached her reading goal, and exceeded her sight words goal by 17. As bad a day as I had up to that point, that picture really made me smile.  We are very proud of SS, and thankful that JJ helped his sister study during her break.  And working with SS on homework deserves combat pay. More than once JJ has noted that SS is as bad as he was in middle school. As an incentive we told SS that we would buy her super hero books. When I gave her kudos about her progress that is the first thing she asked me. Yes SS we will get you more super hero books.

We mailed SS's calendars this morning.

I have been concerned about the amount of time SS spends on her iPad. She is too young to be addicted to electronics. A few weeks ago I entered my room and found SS on my laptop. She looked guilty as hell and I looked at what she was doing.  She was at the Lego website playing virtual Legos. Are you freaking kidding me? SS told me that P got the website for her. I was upset with my husband and told him that since SS has her own iPad, why does he have to hand her my laptop as well. The man had no idea what I was talking about, because our sweet girl lied. Yep, she knows how to get to the Lego website on her own.  She is now banned from using my laptop.  JJ came to the rescue again and somehow convinced SS that cool kids do not play Legos online, they put them together in real life.

It worked, SS spent all day playing with her Legos, did not get her grubby little hands on her iPad until 7:30 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your sweet girl a lifetime of godsends.

2china4S said...

Thank you Anon :)