Thursday, January 16, 2014

We had our first glasses mishap yesterday.

SS is back at school, happy to be with her friends, and even happier to be back at B&G Club with her other friends. She spent her winter break at home enjoying our days off with us, and spending much needed time with her brother three days a week. She is back to her old self, you know, like a sullen teenage boy in the mornings. SS also had two speech therapy sessions and does not seem to have any hang ups about participating. P enjoyed those three weeks the most because he did not have to contend with said sullen teenager in the mornings. We are wondering when we are going to get this we both work routine down. In the meantime we are all looking forward to Maui. SS's new slogan... It's Maui again baby!

Yesterday I saw SS's glasses on the dining room table shortly after they left for B&G. Not bad, it was the first time they forgot them. Except since SS must wear them full time I wondered how sleep deprived P was that he did not notice. I drove to B&G to drop them off. P quickly texted me to ask how the staff reacted to my rare visit. He had pictured it perfectly, just like an M&M commercial... She does exist! P was enjoying himself too much at the expense of my discomfort. I know it should not bother me to be thought of as an absent mother, but it does sting a little.

When I arrived home yesterday afternoon SS was working on homework and P was outside. P returns inside and says, "Let's try this again SS, where did you leave your glasses?" Oh no, it happened, she misplaced her glasses. SS said they were in her jacket pocket, P got the jacket from the van and nothing. I called the club and was told they had not seen the glasses but if they found them when they cleaned up before closing they would hold them until the next morning.

Oh no, that was not going to work for us. SS was playing outside when P arrived, and her jacket and backpack were on the grass by the play structure. Someone could easily step on her glasses and we would be SOL. Big surprise here, we procrastinated and have yet to order SS a spare set. Guess what we are shopping for Saturday? P knew I was anxious and texted me when he found them, on the grass, just like he predicted. That wasn't enough for me, I wanted to know if they were in one piece. Thankfully no one had trampled them. SS got a stern lecture about placing her glasses in the hard case she keeps in her backpack. And we will follow with daily reminders, because we know she won't remember. The girl is only six, and her age group is not known for their meticulous care of their belongings. Even if the belonging in question helps her see.

Minor scare aside SS has done very well with her glasses. We expected the full time wear to be a thorn on our side. But SS has done very well so far, only asking to take them off when she is wearing headphones. The padding of the headphones presses the frame into her head. We can't blame SS for not liking that discomfort. Let's hope all future glasses crises are so easily solved. Ha, yeah right.

I had been looking for a toy organizer for SS for a while. The downside to SS's all in one bed is that there are no other pieces of furniture to add. The finish on the organizer obviously does not match SS's bed, but it will do. She now has more space to store her super hero paraphernalia, and has her buddies close by at night.

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