Monday, January 06, 2014

Feliz Dia de Reyes 2014!

SS can't catch a break, up at 5:30 a.m. again, this time because I had to work. As I have explained, we celebrate DDR to keep whatever little of my culture I can alive through JJ and SS. They are both well acquainted with the food, no concerns there. As SS grows, we will discuss age appropriate aspects of my culture (colonization, commonwealth status, etc.).  But for now DDR and food will do. SS was not too upset with me, since I did not blast music to annoy her and did not use the flash for pictures.  SS received a remote control car, a set of building toys (a helicopter, a bulldozer and a helicopter), and an Angels jacket. The jacket was intended as a Xmas present that we forgot we had. SS is on an absolute rampage against anything pink. We think all the prodding from people finally made her snap. She is downright vile about the color and what it represents. Once she outgrew her Angels dress we could not find a replacement, any girl Angels wear in red and white. You know, as in the team's freaking colors. P was so excited to find this one, because we are never getting another red Angels cheerleader dress. *Sniff* SS loved her gifts but went right back to bed. She was snoring in bed when I left this morning.

By the time I arrived home this afternoon SS had depleted the RC car's batteries, and she did not get a chance to show me her moves. She ignored me because she was assembling her race car with a lot of help from her brother. 

I was very surprised to spot a pink case that we had hidden way in the back of the top shelf of the spare room closet.  It was a lovely gift, but not age appropriate for SS. I wondered how it got downstairs, better, how did it get down from the closet. P had cleared that room in November, and somehow SS got her grubby little hands on it. I reminded SS that she was not old enough to use the contents (nothing awful, just make up and nail polish) and was about to tell her how disappointed I was.  Then SS said "But I put actual cool toys in it."

And that she did people, she happily opened the case and showed me its contents. I was wondering why the same girl who freaks over anything pink on her body would even touch that case. Revenge, she brought cool to the case. This precious girl makes me love her more each day with stunts like this one. Don't change SS, stand firm for what you like and believe.

Finally that race car came together. Thank you big brother.

We had to post this again because SS is so darn cute. This was taken January 2011, when we got rid of our tree after Dia de Reyes. I still stand by my explanation while trying to comfort SS. P says it's the best glossing over the tree concentration camp tale that ended in a wood chipper.

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