Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pan blandito delivery.

Yesterday Abuela surprised us with a FedEx delivery of pan blandito (soft bread), or pan dulce (sweet bread) to some. The last time SS and I stuffed our faces with this delicious bread was almost a year ago in Ponce, Puerto Rico. We went to get some for P the night before we returned home but they were closed. Pan blandito is one of Auuela's few food weaknesses (cheesecake is the only other that comes up), the woman eats very little. But when it comes to this bread she can go through half a pound without realizing how much she has ingested.

P has never tried it, but was not about to fill up on bread when there was a hot pizza to eat. He could not believe when the three of us went for the bread. Who in their right mind would stop for bread in the middle of pizza? Puerto Ricans, that's who, and the three of us dismissed the silly Caucasian who does not understand the great joys in life. Before anyone gets all offended about cultural mockery, my children change their cultural identity in the blink of an eye when food is involved.

SS recognized the bread immediately and grabbed a big chunk, and there's plenty more. We have about four pounds of this piece of heaven. 

The funny thing about this picture is that SS had already finished a slice of pizza, then proceeded to chomp away on bread. The girl can carbo load when we least expect it. She then asked for another slice of pizza and polished that as well. That meant that the kid did not eat all day at again. That is something we need to work on, but really have no pull when we are away from SS.

Some morning love for her pan blandito before school today. Thank you Abuela for the yummy treat and blast to the past for JJ.  He had not had it since he was 12.

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