Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baba Time

Just because Baby S is very possessive of her Mama, does not mean that she does not adore her Baba. But she is used to the fact that he leaves every morning, comes home for lunch, leaves again, then returns for dinner. Since we have our meals together, Baby S associates hunger with Baba’s presence. On the 2-3 times that P has not made it home for lunch, Baby S has refused to eat, even though she was obviously hungry. It is really cute to see her look towards the door and ask, “Baba?” when she is hungry.

Baby S loves to shower her parents with kisses, especially at bedtime. She very adeptly uses kissing as a stalling tool. However, during the past few days, she has been withholding kisses from P, who is understandably hurt. The girl is strong-minded and I think the more P begs for a kiss, the least likely he is to get one. Last night, P decided to use play and Cheerios to get kisses and it worked.

Baby S also likes to torture her Baba by pretending that she does not know how to say Baba. The kicker is that when P is not home, she says Baba all the time. It is one of her first words when she wakes up, when she is hungry, and when I do not let her get away with whatever dangerous stunt she is attempting at any given time.

Sometimes, Baby S decides that she will summon her Baba by the sheer power of her lungs. And boy, are they powerful. She yells BABA at the top of her lungs, then turns towards the front door with the funniest face. It is just so freaking cute. Another Baby S moment I need to get on tape.

Below are two short videos of Baby S and her Baba playing before bedtime. With J, I was careful to make his nighttime routine as quiet as possible. Baby S is a tough one to get to sleep, so we are resorting to tiring her into submission.

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