Friday, November 07, 2008

Four Months Ago

We met the most amazing little girl in the world. She did not cry, did not even make a sound. P just reminded me last night that we thought she could not even sit on her own. At 15 months, her little legs were not strong enough to walk, and even though after two days she warmed up to us, and became rather vocal (LOUD), this only happened in the privacy of our hotel room. Whenever we left that safe place, she would pretend that she was mute and hardly mobile.

Our travel mates (except for the only other experienced parent couple in our group) lamented her lack of, well, liveliness. They were kind, but could not help commenting on how Baby S… “She doesn’t make a sound, are you sure she can… can she stand on her own… my daughter is 6 months younger and is bigger than her… and blah, blah, blah.

This is for another post, but P and I, like most parents, have wondered how the CCAA matches a child to a family. Initially, we thought it was a matter of supply and demand or what baby/orphanage was next in line. Every day, Baby S demonstrates why she is here with us, and we are each and every time humbled. Our fate as a family was carefully orchestrated, and we are forever grateful.

This video was taken last night at Wally Mart. P placed his iPhone (Yes, I also have one. No, don't ask for the numbers. If you don't have them, it is because only our children, and a few others NEED to have them.) on a stereo on display, to play one of his favorite songs, Dead Man’s Party (by 0ingo B0ingo). It is a staple at our home and it is cute to see Baby S recognizing the song. Please, no comments about lyric content, as P and I strongly believe that it is never too early to introduce OUR children to inappropriate lyrics. J grew up with the same music, is now an adult, and is not a serial killer, sociopath, etc. :)

We will be updating the Blog this weekend. Sorry about the lapse.


Happily walking on her own (she usually wants to be carried) with the balloon she picked to celebrate our Family Day.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your daughter is wonderful.

My first daughter is from Kaiyuan. We adopted her in september 2004. Her chinese name was WenJia Xiao Yang. She was born in december 2003. We were in Bank Hotel too, i recognize the room on your pictures. What a big emotion for me!

I am researching orphanage pictures. Do you have some pictures? The only one I have are the referral pictures. We returned in China in last january, in Guangxi province, for our second daughter, and we received a lot of foster mom pictures and orphanage too. I would like to have the same thing for my first daughter.

You can reply at :

Thank you very much,

Melanie Page
Quebec, Canada

Michelle said...

That video was too cute. OMG-Dead Man's Party is one of my favorite songs ever. Saw Oingo Boingo in concert every Halloween for fours years straight when I was (much) younger.

Happy 4 months!