Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day Trip Part II: Yunnan Ham

When we received Baby S's referral pictures, we were so glad that she was smiling in one of them. Now we think she was laughing at us, knowing what was coming :). P started referring to her as a ham, which she is. We had never heard of Yunnan and naturally sought information about her birthplace. Yunnan Province is known for more than their beautiful children, they are also known for their mushrooms and ham. P couldn't resist and began to call Baby S The Yunnan Ham. And The is important because P calls himself The P.

Upon returning from China, we right away missed the food and P set to find Yunnan cuisine. Fat chance of that happening in our area, but he found a restaurant in San Francisco that serves Yunnan Ham. Within two weeks of arriving home, P decided that it was a must for our Yunnan Ham to visit. BTW, only we get to call Baby S YH. :)

After her exhausting educational outing, we treated Baby S to a late lunch in China Town. I made a wrong turn and we ended up at a stop light in front of the hospital where P was born. This is also the reason we chose SFO as Baby S's port of entry. I am glad that he looked up from his iPhone (he was navigating), or we would have missed it.

Z & Y Restaurant.

The Yunnan Ham eats Yunnan Ham.

We also had the best Chow Mein we have ever had. We need to return and make sure since we had not had breakfast/lunch and it was almost three by the time we ate. Baby S was fed in a timely manner. We had the restaurant to ourselves and the waitresses played with Baby S during the entire time we were there. I was wondering how she'd react to being in a place with so many women that look like her. I was preparing myself for the probability that she would just reach out and want to be held by them. Baby S was friendly, but kept her distance; P and I had to encourage her to shake the hand of one of the waitresses. She was very formal with Baby S and said, "Nice to meet you S." As soon as she extended her hand, Baby S pointed at me and said "Mama." I'm sure that had she been alone with P she would have done the same with him. OK, so stranger anxiety, check.

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