Monday, November 10, 2008

My Mama!

Baby S has been calling me Mama since our second day in China. And as you can see in the video (previous post), she likes to remind me of who I am. Several times a day, she feels the need to point at me and say Mama. After all, at my advanced age, Alzheimer’s can strike at any time.

In the four months that we have been a family, Baby S has become very comfortable at home, knows she owns P and I and is not afraid to flaunt that knowledge. Maybe because we are together 24/7, or maybe because it is her nature not share, the bottom line is Baby S does not like to share her Mama.

Every morning we go through our goodbye ritual, and it still cracks us up. P usually kisses us both, but as soon as he kisses me, Baby S is quick to interrupt any affection displayed. After all, what the heck is the matter with us? After 12 years, we should be sick of kissing. For every kiss P gives me, she must give me one. The girl is not shy about expressing her consternation with her Baba.

A few months ago, I hurt my right knee and P was rather worried. P arrived home one afternoon and asked me if I was hurting, while caressing my knee. Baby S stopped what she was doing, walked over to us, removed his hand, and began to caress my knee, while glaring at her Baba. Dude, I know we shouldn’t laugh, but it was really funny.

If P sits too close to me, Baby S makes sure to sit between us. Sometimes we do not make it that easy on her and we are truly amazed at how persistent someone so small can be. She just forces her little body between us, then triumphantly declares “Mama.”

Baby S is also a world class flirt. We are going to be in so much trouble in the future. Maybe a baby On Star system would help. P and I are not winkers, yet she has it down. Well, the double wink, because like her dad, she cannot wink. In her case, I’m sure it’s due to her age.

Whenever we are out, Baby S decides to charm people and smiles, winks and babbles at them. But the minute someone talks to her, she becomes serious, points at me and says “Mama.” And, there is nothing friendly about her tone; it’s like a “Hey, keep your distance stranger, even if I began the interaction, because my Mama can kick your butt.” I see a few beatings in my future.

Yesterday, P had to go to work to check on his equipment and we stayed home. When Baby S realized that P was gone she was rather upset. I decided to indulge her in one of her favorite activities, watching herself. Baby S is her greatest fan and can spend an hour looking at her pictures or video. The videos are her favorites and I have to tape her enjoying herself, because it is hilarious. She applauds, squeals, says oh and gives kisses.

However, yesterday, Baby S managed to kick up her possessiveness up a notch. People, Baby S became jealous of Baby S. We were watching the video (previous post) and she was doing her thing, enjoying the cute baby, until the baby had the audacity to call me Mama. That did it for her, she was not happy. She became very serious, climbed on my lap, while still glaring at the baby on the screen, pointed at me and began her chant of Mama, Mama, Mama. So there baby on the video! Better not mess with Baby S.

10/31/2008: Waiting for Baba and practicing her quacking.

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