Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chasing Baby S

Needless to say, we did not get to go on our planned morning walk (see previous post) yesterday. Once Baby S woke up we played with her, had a late breakfast and wasted the morning away. As we were getting ready to leave for our walk, Baby S received a package full of goodies from her Abuela and Abuelo. We had Baby S open the gifts right away and that took another hour of the day. But so well worth it because Baby S loved all the gifts, and assumed that the Puerto Rican candy that my mother sent for P (I have never been a fan of the stuff) was obviously hers. And boy was it fun to wrestle the candy container from her.

I think it was almost three when we made it to our walk. Baby S and I have done that walk numerous times, but this is the first time that P was able to join us. P wanted to play with the camera and take pictures of his favorite subject. In China, P took care of the video and I did (most of) the still photography.

It was a beautiful day, Baby S was in a great mood, and we had a very relaxing walk. I had the fun job of distracting/chasing Baby S, to allow P to snap away. It was fun, but we both have a lot to learn about sunlight, shadows, etc. Below are a few pictures.

Baby S is very active, perpetual motion, and it is very difficult to get a picture of her still. P did a great job.

I know we are biased, but we both love, no, we FLOVE this picture.

Our view on our walk back to the car.

Baby S was so full of energy and jazzed about her squeaky sandals that she walked across the bridge (app. ¼ mile) on her own.

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Anonymous said...

What a doll! Oh we just love you little Miss S. You look like you are just loving life and exploring everything. Hugs and Kisses- Love- Cousin Annabel and Auntie Courtney