Friday, November 21, 2008

Day Trip Part I: California Academy of Sciences

Since we are at our four month at home, we thought it'd be a good idea to take Baby S to the California Academy of Sciences, since they recently renovated their exhibits. Also, we wanted to get an idea of how she would handle the drive to the Bay Area. Although she is 20-months, she has only used a carseat for four months, and she is not a fan.

The indoor pictures did not turn out too well, but we were more invested in enjoying Baby S than in getting the cameras settings right. Something had to give. This was the largest crowd that Baby S has been exposed to since leaving China. We think she did a great job, although she was initially overwhelmed. We had a really nice day and we think Baby S was more at ease navigating the crowds than when we took her to the Guangzhou Zoo.

We left home at 6:00 a.m. and did not bother to get her out of her pajamas. Baby S slept until we almost reached the Bay Area. As usual, she was all smiles upon awakening and happy to have BaBa sitting next to her.

After a quick change of clothing we headed over to wait on the long line. This is an unusual picture, because Baby S is not trying to rip off her jacket and fleece blanket. She seems to suffer from the same affliction as her brother, a deep seeded hatred of long sleeves and long pants. That is one battle I never enjoyed with J and quite frankly I am not looking forward to a second helping.

Baby S tolerates denim jackets but has learned to take them off. She has many beautiful coats but she acts as though we are pouring acid on her skin when we try them on. She likes her bear jacket (see video a few posts below), and she asks to wear it, but only because of the bear pockets. She also likes the pink fleece jacket her Auntie C sent her, but we think she looks at it as a stuffed toy (it's really nice and fluffy).

Baby S was born in Southern China and her area is known for its "eternal Spring." One thing we noticed right away about her referral pictures was that she was not dressed in several layers of clothing as is customary in China. On Family Day she came to us wearing only one pair of pants, shirt and light sweater. Maybe she is just not used to so much clothing. We are sure that when she is cold, she will gladly accept whatever we use to keep her warm.

Our social butterfly greeting those in line and those walking by.

This school of fish had P and I reminiscing about snorkling and diving in Maui, and making plans to return ASAP. For Baby S, of course, not for us...

Baby S pretending to listen to her BaBa's lecture about species, habitat, etc. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, choo-choo train).

Dude, that fish is like WAY bigger than me!

BaBa, the fish are absolutely enthralling, really, but, could we focus on my outfit for a while? I totally rock this look.

Tropical coral reef, P's hook to get me to visit P.R. for the first time in 25 years.

Not the best picture, but at least Baby S was looking at the camera. This one was taken with my diaper bag camera (I do not own a purse), thus the suckiness.

We ended our visit by introducing Baby S to the play area. It was crowded, but she did very well, once we taught her how to use the equipment. Here she is after watching Mama brave the dark tunnel twice. Years from now, as we are telling her how her Mama made a fool out of herself demonstrating, she will look at us and say, "Really, what's the purpose?"

Playing peekaboo; by this time she had reached her limit and we retreated to a quiet corner to play one-on-one, read books and wait for BaBa to get the car.

Enjoying African penguins, not THE penguins (Antarctic), but they will do for now. Can't wait to take her to Sea World.

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