Friday, November 14, 2008

Mami & Papi

This picture was taken Wednesday, at approximately 5:30 a.m. P has been working earlier this week and Baby S decided it would be fun to join us at such an ungodly hour. While I was getting her bottle ready, I overheard P say to Baby S, "****** (1st name), here, let's keep you warm."

When I saw her, I immediately thought of Mami, Baby S's great-grandmother and namesake. Mami never wore pants, but when she would get cold in the evenings, she would drape a blanket over her legs. Although Mami and Papi are always in my thoughts, at times like this, I miss them even more. BTW, Mami did not suck her fingers, did not have a Snoopy rocking chair, and did not clutch a raggedy thing called Funky Dog. :)

Then yesterday, Baby S decided to channel Papi, her great-grandfather. Until he passed away at 90, this is the way Papi sat. Not only could he sit like that, but could hold that position for a LONG time. I remember trying to emulate him as a child, and finding the position so darn uncomfortable. My attempts at being just like Papi never lasted long. Baby S usually does not sit like this; I think we have only seen her do this a handful of times. I guess she wanted to send a shout out to her great-grandparents.

New behavior this week: I Want. We were at Co$tco (aka the $100 store) this week and Baby S decided that she wanted EVERY single toy she saw. The funny thing is that she went wild over a huge dinosaur that scared the living daylights out of her the previous week. P and I kindly reminded her that although she carries both our last names, well, she is not a Jolie-Pitt.

Pretty good for an almost 20-month old. Baby S really impressed me when she managed to stack 5 blocks on her own. A few minutes later, she stacked 6, but since this picture was taken with my (very slow) cell phone camera, I was unable to capture her feat before she gleefully knocked them down.

All four pictures were taken with my cell phone, yet the Co$tco picture is the only decent of the bunch.

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