Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby prank calls. All parents do this, right?

The week after Christmas my cell rang as Baby S and I were cuddling. I looked over at the caller ID and saw the word BLOCKED. Since I don’t give my number away willy nilly I was tempted to ignore the call. Then I thought it might be someone important from a blocked number, so I answered. As soon as I heard P’s voice I wondered then quickly remembered why his number was blocked. The night we went to Jack’s for dinner, after walking around for an hour, we returned to find out that we had some more time to wait. So we sat at the bar and tried to entertain a tired Baby S the best way we could.

We took turns talking and playing with her but she began to become understandably restless. I had given my phone to JJ so he could surf the Internet and P was doing the same with his. P then turns to me and says, “Quick, give me seven random numbers.” I look at him, ask why and he says, “Come on, just give me seven numbers.” He had that twinkle in his eye I know too well and I also know that it never ends well, so I said no. He then asked JJ for seven numbers, and once JJ realized that I was giving him The Look (hey, I’m still his mother) he went back to his phone. P called me a chicken and a party pooper and informed me that with or without my help, Baby S was going to make her first prank calls.

I reminded P about caller ID but the smart aleck was way ahead of me and had blocked his number. And yes, he did dial a random number and then allowed our daughter to annoy an innocent individual who was probably in the middle of eating dinner. Baby S, on December 23, 2008 at J@ck’s Grill and using your Baba’s iPh0ne (an antique by the time you read this), you made your first prank call. Not bad for a 21-month old with limited language skills.

P, as much as I appreciate your naughty side, when Baby S gets in trouble for engaging in “pranks,” you are on your own honey. ;)

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