Thursday, January 29, 2009

A relaxing bubble bath in the morning and an exciting slide in the afternoon.

JJ called this morning and it was quite the treat for Baby S. Although she gets very shy when someone talks to her on the phone and barely whispers hi, she enjoys listening to voices through the speaker so much. JJ's voice is the only other voice she recognizes besides ours and she really likes to hear her big brother talk. For me, the best part is that he called just because. As the parent of a grown child, to hear that child's voice unprompted is always heart warming. The downside is that after our conversation ended, Baby S was really excited and wanted to start the whole let's look at every picture of JJ ritual. Uh, nope, not going there.

So I offered her a bubble bath to distract and relax her. We were due to meet P for lunch and I did not want her bouncing off the walls in public. We attract enough attention as it is. Baby S was happy to see her Baba and screamed when she saw him. But overall, I think the bath did relax her.

This afternoon I finally got around to picking up Abuela and Abuelo's Dia de Reyes gift for Baby S, a just her size slide. When we arrived home it was a warm 72 degrees, and emboldened by my recent vacuum assembly I decided to give Baby S's new toy a try. I must admit that I am proud of my efforts. Even though the same blindfolded monkey could have assembled the slide, but only after two banana daiquiris. :) Thank you Abuela and Abuelo for the cool present. Baby S also loves that she can crawl under the slide. She has been using our end tables and coffee table as a crawl through toy since arriving home. We gave up and no longer place anything there, so she is in heaven.

Baby S dice: Gracias Abuela y Abuelo por comprarme un juguete tan bueno. Hay una parte donde puedo gatear debajo de la chorrera.

I want to get Mama's camera wet. Maybe she'll stop taking pictures for a while.

Rats, it did not work.

Bathing beauty.


OK, what's the deal? I keep turning the wheel and this thing is not moving.

I see you.

Do not be fooled by that ou, ou, she does that all the time now.

P has been working with Baby S on her body parts and she has added arm, hand and foot to those she can recognize and say.

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