Friday, January 16, 2009

Beautiful weather today, but a rough day for Baby S.

This morning it was 35 degrees and by noon it was 72. Baby S had a good morning and was bathed and ready to roll when Baba came home for lunch. The plan was to go shopping after lunch. P stepped outside with her for a few minutes, kissed her goodbye then handed her to me. When I closed the door Baby S began to wail. She sometimes whimpers or whines but this was different, so I opened the door and P came out of the car to wave goodbye again and that calmed her down.

Once I closed the door the real meltdown began and she was just inconsolable. During our first two weeks home Baby S would become upset when P left, but once she realized her Baba returns she's been OK with his absence. Not today, and she kept the crying, kicking and screaming for an hour.

She exhausted herself into a nap. I like her arm over her face. When she woke up she was not done missing Baba and it was really difficult to get her socks and shoes on. Funky Dog usually stays at home, unless we are out of the area, but she would not part with him this afternoon. I hate walking around with that thing in public, but she really needed him. We went shopping and I bribed her with a churro but she would not budge. Baby S never turns down sweets or anything with zero nutritional value. She shook her head no and said "Baba."

We came home and I got out the bubbles and that cheered her up for about an hour. My gosh, I have no idea where she gets all that energy, but if we could somehow harvest it, the world's energy problems would be solved. She ran after the bubbles, she laughed, applauded and shouted "bubbles," and she had a blast.

Then at 4:30 p.m. Baby S decided that it was time for Baba to come home and the crying began. She thought every car was Baba and when she realized it was not him a fit would ensue. Just our luck that we live on such a busy street. I tried bringing her inside but that increased the crying and kicking. I was so relieved when P arrived. I have no idea when was the last time I was so happy to see him.

Ever since we met, Baby S has been OK with both of us, but I am THE person she needs all the time. Over the past two weeks I have noticed a difference regarding her need for her Baba. Usually when P comes home, Baby S does the happy dance, they play, laugh, cuddle, but if I am out of her sight she becomes anxious and must find her Mama. If she is sad, hurt, scared or upset she must have me. But within the past two weeks she has been calling out for her Baba during those occasions as well.

It really saddens P that she cries for him but I keep reassuring him that this is a positive development. Baby S is finally secure enough that her Mama is here for her and is now moving on to form that same attachment with her Baba. Or I could be making all of this up. :)

Do you know how difficult it is to get a picture of Baby S with both feet on the ground, let alone still? That is why all her pictures make her look like a runaway train. Warm weather cute outfit courtesy of her Aunt Court or her Nana. I think those are supposed to be capri pants. Heh.

Baby S is downstairs with Baba enjoying some one on one time, while I post and recuperate from her meltdown. We are then going to watch the X Files movie. JJ, P and I used to watch the series, always with the lights off. We hope Baby S enjoys it as much.

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