Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby S makes peace with the vacuum cleaner and takes a nap with an old friend.

Baby S is afraid of the vacuum cleaner because of the noise. I can't vacuum while she's asleep for fear of her waking up freaked out and I can't vacuum if I am alone with her for the same reason. It's been a drag having to wait for P to be home in order to vacuum. Yesterday we purchased a new vacuum cleaner and since P has been working so many hours I decided to try to put it together (just the handle). I am useless when it comes to assembling things and was very proud of myself for doing something a monkey can do blindfolded, and after six banana daiquiris.

Baby S was observing every move I made, probably wondering why we chose to bring a second evil appliance into our home. Since she seemed interested I decided to try it out and Baby S did not cry, but would run out of my way. She did not look scared at all and I had more personal space than I have had in six months. Score! Then Baby S became very bold and began to play tag with the vacuum. She would run, touch it, then run away laughing. When I was done Baby S walked over to the vacuum, squatted, tilted her head and said "Hi!" to her new friend. It was really cute and sad, as in forget about that promising personal space thing.

I went into the kitchen to make her lunch and noticed that Baby S had found one of the toys we got for her for Halloween. She fell in love with that skull light at the store and simply adores it. Our daughter, the same child who is deadly afraid of pumpkins. That is, unless the pumpkins are carved with skulls, ghosts and other monsters. Baby S took Mr. Skull (see picture below) then proceeded to whack the heck out of the vacuum. It appears that as far as she is concerned, a vacuum is a vacuum and they all must be related, so she took six months worth of frustrations out on the less intimidating of the two. Our daughter will pick a fight with anything.

Baby S celebrated her victory over the evil machine by falling asleep clutching Mr. Skull. I pried it from her then placed him at the foot of her crib. When I heard her stir I looked at the monitor and saw her reaching out for him. With her batteries back on full charge Baby S spent time crawling through her tube. I forgot how exhausting it is to be a kid. Oh yeah, she is wearing jammies. She was about to fall asleep wearing a onesie and I grabbed the first item within reach.

How touching, a baby and her beloved skull. CC@@ you have made us proud.

She is actually awake, trying to fake out Mama.

Enjoying some tube time. Look at her hand, she can't go through unless she is holding a toy. Yesterday she tried to take Rody with her.

This is my old piggy bank that I wrote about yesterday. An orange pig with green eyes, creepy. It is only filled half way but it weights more than Baby S. I did not realize how much she was drooling until I downloaded the picture.

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ruthieaya said...

Baby S:
I can not believe your mom still has the piggy bank. It is very old. Your mom was about 3 years old when I gave it to her. Maybe she was waiting to have a special baby like you who would use it again. I hope you save a lot of money to visit P.R. with your parents.
Love, Grandma R