Tuesday, January 13, 2009

@#%&*^ @*&^%$

One of the interesting aspects of having a child Baby S’s age is when they unexpectedly give you a glimpse of yourself. It’s been so long since what we do and say would really impact someone impressionable, but things have changed.

This afternoon I left Baby S on the sofa to refill her sippy cup with milk (yeah, she is gulping the stuff down). Baby S was very tired, fighting sleep as usual and not a happy camper. Behind the sofa, I stepped on a toy and it not only stunned me and annoyed me, but hurt like a mother sucker. So there I was holding my foot, grunting and desperately withholding the seven hundred expletives I was dying to let loose.

I finally managed to put myself together, and resumed my walk over to the fridge. I realized that Baby S was quiet (always a cause for concern) and then I saw her walk to the spot of my mishap (I had removed, OK tossed, the offending toy). She then held one foot and jumped around grunting and perfectly imitating my ridiculous performance. Except that it looked really cute when she did it. :)

Yeah, she had me laughing really hard and it stopped her whining and crying so a win-win situation. One of those reminders that we are being watched closely. This is going to be really difficult.

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