Sunday, January 04, 2009

Just spending family time on a Sunday afternoon.

This is Baby S's first slushee and it was merely a fluke that she had a strawberry smoothie that morning. We do not allow Baby S to have much sugar, but it was one of those relaxed days and she ended up with the ultimate sugar rush. That is why we took her to the Mall playground to burn off some of that energy. It's tough when your child is underweight, even considering her birth circumstances. We have tried giving her eggnog, smoothies and whatever we can to get her to reach the magic 20 pounds.

While Baby S is a frequent visitor to this playground, we usually hang on to her while she is sliding. This is the first time that she went totally solo, even scooting off on her own. As you can hear, our daughter might be small but she is certainly LOUD.

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