Thursday, January 08, 2009

She has Mole's Disease and Baby Alzheimer's

We have not posted a Public Service Announcement since we were in Kunming, so we have decided to educate the public on Baby S's conditions. We realize that most of you have never heard of Mole's Disease, and there is a good reason for this. Until July 7, 2008, P was the only person diagnosed with said malady. So, what is MD? It is the inability to open one's eyes in the morning. P contracted MD when we moved from Southern California to Northern California to attend school. Every morning, he would surprise me by waking up, walking to the shower, showering and shaving, all without opening his eyes and with the lights off. Then he would walk into our room and announce, "Let there be light." That was my cue to turn the lights on, and P would scream like a mad man after opening his eyes. Since this happened Monday through Friday at 5:00 a.m. I can assure you that our neighbors were not amused.

Imagine our surprise when we met Baby S and on our first morning with her we discovered that she too is afflicted with MD. You have no idea how many mornings I have inadvertently turned on our bedroom light, only to have Baby S scream at me and P frantically shouting, "What the hell do you think you are doing? She is in pain." Needless to say, Baby S gets a kick out of this and screams more at her Mama for her lack of sensitivity to her condition.

Now on to Baby Alzheimer's. As we have posted somewhere before, Baby S has the attention span of a gnat. Just DO NOT tell her great-grandmother M, because M thinks that Baby S is the smartest baby in the world (she told me last time we talked, how cute is that?) and we do not have the heart to tell her the truth. We realized that something was wrong in China, because Baby S would begin crying, then a dust particle would engage her attention and she would forget what had her in tears and go study said dust particle.

We thought that this was the result of the life altering experience we had put her through and once home and settled it would disappear. Here we are six months later, and is still happening. The video below was taken yesterday and illustrates what this condition has done to our beautiful Baby S. After posting this video, we also know that any possibility of going to heaven just went out the window. ;) It's OK, we are more comfortable in hot weather.

Where's Baby S?

There she is!

Practicing for her future career as a building inspector.

Before Abuela takes out a contract on us (again), we would like to explain that Baby S DID NOT fall. She and her Mama were walking into the room and Baby S was all happy and giggling, then just threw herself on the floor.

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