Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby Van Gogh

She is not, but this is only the second time she has held crayons in her hands. I wanted to post her first "drawing" (this is her second), but P wrote her name on it and I'm too dense to figure out how to blur it. Check out the cute Crayon holders, made for little hands and Baby S's hands are VERY small. JJ used plain crayons as a child, so P and I were trying to figure out how to get the Crayons in and out of the Tadoodles, when Baby S walked up to us holding a Crayon in her hand. She then proceeded to place it in her mouth. The Crayons are washable and non toxic, but we still do not want her to make a habit out of placing them in her mouth. Neither one of us had ever seen these contraptions, P and I are WAY older, and yet she managed to figure them out. However, she would not tell us how to get the crayon back in. :) Talk about feeling dumb...

We have a surprise for Baby S, she is going to visit JJ and S next Monday. She really misses her big brother, so P is going to work this weekend and take Monday and Tuesday off, JJ's days off from work. I know she is going to be so excited to see him and we might drop by JJ & S's work, where Baby S has quite a few fans.

We are hoping to meet with SSS, Luke and their parents. Baby S has become familiar with SSS & Luke through their blog. Just today she was watching video of her older bud in waiting riding a bike. Taun, she was squealing and giggling. Apparently there is something about an older man riding a bike with training wheels. :)

Then of course there is Auntie C, who we are hoping is not skiing in Utah yet (Ski for Light). Auntie C is legally blind and participates in SFL every year. She also competed in the paralympics biathlon (cross country skiing and shooting) in Norway some years ago. Auntie C wants to teach us how to cross country ski, hopefully in March. Baby S is going to be very comfortable, as she will be bundled up, in a carrier and tied to her Mama or Baba's waist. At least that's the plan at this time. Who knows, P or I might end up being pulled by Baby S. :)

Actually, we have two surprises for Baby S. Abuela is coming to visit March 12-26. Arriving just before Baby S's birthday (03/15) and departing after JJ's (03/21). I think I might have redeemed myself for being the child from hell by conveniently lining up her grandchildren's birthdays. That's enough, right?

I have a few pictures I neglected to post so here they are now.

Baby S last night chilaxin' with Funky Dog.

Cutie patootie.

This is Rody, the current object of Baby S's affection. I told P about how Baby S was bouncing on him like a mad toddler at the store, and I guess he thought I was exaggerating. So last night, Baby S demonstrated how fast she can bounce and knocked his socks off. She also added a stunt element to her play as she bounces then throws herself off Rody. Good thing that he is so close to the ground. Baby S still managed to land on my knee three times. We are so going to make it to the ER soon. When she is riding Rody like a rodeo bull or a Bronco we are unable to take pictures because we have to be right there prepared to catch her. Talk about a wild and crazy kid. Once we get her to stop throwing herself off him we'll take a video.

Dude, no more drinking binges in the middle of the week.

Taken this morning while Baby S was enjoying her waffle and milk. That is some serious messy hair she had going on, due to all the trashing she does at night. We had another baby step last night. Baby S awoke at midnight whimpering and P realized that he had not used an overnight diaper. He changed her diaper and returned to bed without her. When Baby S wakes up we usually bring her to bed with us. Last night P placed her back in her crib and she returned to sleep.

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