Monday, January 26, 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy

Now that I realize that it is Chinese New Year I am even more bummed out about our aborted trip to visit JJ and S. That's what the celebration is all about, spending time with family. I know, I am a really bad mother forgetting such an important occasion, but Baby S has been keeping me very busy and it slipped my mind. Besides, P was very aware of the date.

Last year we read in a blog about the tradition of placing eight coins in a red envelope above the front door for good luck. We have been collecting quarters for Baby S a piggy bank that I received as a gift when I was 4-5 years old. That is the same piggy bank where JJ's quarters were kept for him. Anyway, we decided to use eight quarters. Initially we had no idea when to take the quarters down and decided to keep them there until Baby S came home and have her remove the envelope. Then we found out that they are supposed to remain until they fall or until the next year. Alrighty then, Baby S should be taking that envelope down tonight.

We took Baby S out for lunch and darn right Chinese it was. She stuffed her beautiful little face with green beans, noodles, fried rice, chicken, egg foo yung and her new favorite, grapes. The funny thing is that she was using the sign for apple when she wanted grapes. I had no clue what the sign for grapes is but P did a quick search with his phone and Baby S got it on her first try. We are still impressed by how quickly she picks up signs. She also managed to draw attention to herself by screaming "MO, MO, MO" at the top of her lungs. The fact that P and I would say "inside voice" in a very soft voice did not get through to her.

An elderly lady at a nearby table came by several times to talk to Baby S. Our daughter was not the least bit friendly. Both P and I encouraged her to say hi but Baby S would not budge. The woman was persistent and Baby S waved hi and when she came to say goodbye our daughter enthusiastically waved bye. The woman asked Baby S's name and we gave her nickname as it is the first thing that comes to our lips. The woman looked puzzled and asked, "What does that mean in English?" Heh. Baby S's nickname is just the last letters of her first name.

Hoping everyone has a great New Year.

Isn't this the cutest utensil set? JJ and S bought it for Baby S about two years ago (if not longer, have to ask them). Can you see the kid size chopsticks in the middle? Baby S is ready for Asian and Western cuisine. They gave her two but we liked them so much that we kept the second set for her hypothetical baby bother. We chose not to take them to China because we are notorious for losing things (it's a miracle JJ made it to adulthood without being left behind at a gas station and that we did not leave Baby S in Tokyo) and we wanted Baby S to enjoy the set for a long time. What better occasion than Chinese New Year's lunch to use them.

She loves green beans and of course, noodles.

The child size chopsticks are really easy for me to use. Soon Baby S will be trying them out on her own. The joys of motherhood, feeding her with my right hand, while taking a picture with my left.

Happy Chinese New Year. Go Oxen!

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