Wednesday, January 14, 2009

JJ, she is SO your sister.

No Baba, no eating.

One of JJ's guilty pleasures is cheese sauce (or nacho cheese sauce). P and I are absolutely disgusted by the stuff, but we have different yet equally disgusting guilty pleasures. When JJ and his friends get together, they explore new ways in which to use the offensive food item. JJ then regales us with tales of their experiments.

Today, P had a business lunch so Baby S and I were on our own. As he left this morning, P apologized and told me he knew it would be tough. This happened at 5:00 a.m., and I had a whopping two hours sleep, so his apology and empathy did not make much sense. I do this every day, right?

Then lunch time rolled around and Baby S was hungry. She did the sign for more, said "Mo," and made the sign for eating. Heh, the girl knows her Mama is dense so she is now covering all her bases. No matter what food I presented, she shook her head, said "No," then pointed at the door and yelled "Baba." Light bulb went off and our earlier conversation sunk in. P was referring to lunch time and Baby S not eating.

I realized that Baby S would not eat anything at home and began to think of what to get her. C0$stco, her favorite (she loves the hot dogs), was out of the question because she's only been there with her Baba. I thought a quesadilla from T@aco B*ll might work.

Once we arrived I remembered that they have potatoes (always a hit with Baby S) that are bathed in cheese sauce and sour cream. I decided to get an order of potatoes and ask for the cheese and sour cream on the side. However, when it was our turn to order Baby S was frantically making the sign for more, screaming "MO, MO, MO, MAMA, MO'" and doing the sign for eating. The girl knows how to get attention. The cashier was very amused and asked me her age, then commented on how beautiful and smart Baby S is. I was more concerned about the fact that I was sure everyone in that place thought that I never feed my daughter, based on her cute little stunt.

By the time our order was ready I remembered that I forgot to ask for the sides and Baby S was about to jump off her high chair so reordering was not an option. I cringed when I saw the cheese sauce but thought, what the heck, it's not like I'm feeding her plutonium. Much to my surprise she LOVED them. I had to take out my phone and capture the moment for JJ and P.

I texted P, then called him, expecting him to be less than happy. P REALLY hates cheese sauce and does not want Baby S to become a fast food casualty. He was OK with it and said, "After all she is JJ's sister, what were we to expect?" Besides, since she is so underweight cheese potatoes are not going to send her to an early grave or open the door to a a career as the first female Sumo wrestler. Baby S ate half the potatoes there and finished the rest when her Baba came home. That is the most she has eaten in quite a while.

We then went to the grocery store where Baby S amused herself with the butterfly on her blouse. At one point I turned away from her to look at a price, heard giggling and turned around to see my daughter naked from the waist up. She took off her blouse and was smiling, proud of her handiwork. I put her blouse back on and mumbled something about how inattentive I must come across, then a woman next to us stated, "Don't worry, I saw her do it. She did it in a flash, I take it she is really good at dressing herself." The scary part is that we ALWAYS dress Baby S. It is one of many areas where P and I agreed to that delaying her independence was beneficial to her recognizing us as the people who would be meeting her needs. So, where did she get this good at taking her clothes off? Our little nudist.

Today we had a high of 74 degrees. Got to love California, especially if you are a sunshine whore like P and I. It was beautiful outside and P decided to come home at 4:00, so we could spend some time outside with Baby S, while there was still daylight. It reminded us of Thanksgiving, when we sat outside for a few hours, watching Baby S play, clad only in her diaper. This time we actually had her fully clothed.

Cute picture, drool and everything.

This is one of the best parts of Baby S's day. I really get a kick out of her happy dance and when she does the sign for up.


Michelle said...

OMG that video was the sweetest thing ever.

I'm rather fond of P's happy dance too. LOL!

Taunya said...

So now you have the littlest nudist! Ha Ha. Isn't it great. Seti Seth Seth still LOVES being a nudist and the all men...peeing outside! Thought that would make you laugh. We knew baby S and S S S would be great friends from the start.