Saturday, December 06, 2008

Parade Part I

We think she's warm enough.

This little stunt cost me dearly later on. While Baby S and P were warm, by the time I put on a sweatshirt it was too late.

Grandpa, this was totally a coincidence, but look where we ended up across. Yours and Baby S's favorite steakhouse.

This was a low budget parade. Baby S thought the donkeys were dogs.

Go Coast Guard!

Baby S would sit through almost anything, as long as there are Cheerios handy.

Baby S had a bit of a hard time today. For the first time since we met she did not have our undivided attention. She did not like this at all. We did a lot of cuddling in the morning and BaBa watched N0ggin with her for a while. While they watched TV, I cleaned and reorganized Baby S’s bedroom and bathroom. Then it was time to clear the living room and dining room in order to steam clean the carpets. That was a two-person job and it required Baby S to spend time in her room playing. She was not a happy camper and did her best I’m-woman-hear-me-roar bit.

Although she was miffed at us, when she realized it was time for a shower she seemed to temporarily forgive us. When we told her that we were going bye-bye she was as happy as it gets. We stuffed her little body in a pram and off we were. It was only 55 degrees, but it looks like Baby S is coming down with a cold so we wanted to keep her warm.

I was a bit concerned when we arrived because it was really crowded and I wondered if it would overwhelm Baby S. She was very quiet but did not seem scared or uncomfortable. When we tried on the pram the first time a few weeks ago, she screamed bloody murder but did not object today. Once we found a spot we got Baby S out of the stroller (always a winner) and she sat with us probably wondering what the heck was going on. Her demeanor did not change once the parade began. She was curious, but she did not make a sound. Baby S just looked all around taking everything in. She did smile at a woman standing next to us who fussed over her.

*** Blogger is acting up so I'm going to have to split this post in two parts. Hope all the pictures come out.***

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