Monday, November 30, 2009

We did it. Lo hizimos

Yesterday I told P that I felt ready to to take SS to get her booster H1N1 shot on my own. He was not enthusiastic about the idea. But I do have to resume some semblance of a life, the sooner the better. It's healthy for both SS and me to get out more often. I now have weekly appointments plus the nurse visits. I'm beginning to worry about P leaving work so often. In addition, I'd like for SS to return to gymnastics at least twice a week, and that is something I cannot do, we really need P. After I promised not to pick up SS, and explained my plan for getting around it in detail, P agreed. Well, under the condition that I would call if I needed him. All that for a mere twenty-five pounds of Yunnan Ham, and solid love.

SS napped late yesterday and did not go to bed until 5:00 a.m. I risked my life by waking her up at 8:30 a.m. That's the kind of scenario one hopes for on shot day. SS loves new clothes, and as soon as she saw her new jacket she decided to spare my life. I was not as lucky as P, and not even the allure of messing with the blood pressure cuff distracted SS. She cried for less than a minute. But what slayed me was the look she gave me. It was clear what she was thinking, "Et tu Mama?" Then she received her mini lollipop, and once again my life was spared.

After the shot we drove to the supermarket for a few items. That is when I realized that I neglected to plan for the cart logistics. It's so tempting to say the heck with it, it's not going to kill me. But the risk of a hernia is very real, and my incision was bleeding more than usual this morning. SS really wanted to sit in the cart, and I explained why Mama could not lift her. A young male employee was behind us and offered to place SS in for me, and said I could page him at the register and he would escort us to our car. First, I really dislike to have a fuss made over me. Second, it was completely unnecessary. Third, and most embarrassing, I really do not like people touching my children. Pretty selfish, but it is something that makes me uncomfortable. It happened with JJ and it happens with SS. It's interesting how freely people touch children. Always been fascinated by that, and it just makes me cringe, each and every time. Anyhoo, SS did well walking, although it took us a lot longer, because she becomes easily distracted. I rewarded SS with a regular size packet of chocolate M & M's for dessert.

SS did not run a temperature, and her already chubby thigh was not swollen. That did not stop SS from milking that Band Aid. She calls it her wound, and P encourages her by saying she is now like Mama. The sick part is that SS had a huge smile on her face and said "Yeah!" The catastrophic wound did not diminish her appetite. SS had a hearty portion of Pad Thai noodles for lunch. It helped that JJ was on Skype and he always makes her happy. For dinner she had rice and turkey, then helped Mama and Baba with the turkey soup we made together. It was made in the crockpot, totally impromptu, and unexpectedly tasty. SS earned her M & M's and went to bed by 8:30 p.m. Overall a good day, and hopefully the beginning of many more to come.

It was 37 degrees this morning, too cold for us warm blooded people. This is the product of yesterday's strict window shopping policy.

All is forgotten when a lollipop is involved. We like that Dr. J and Dr. S provide the smallest lollipops we have ever seen. Enough for a treat, without the mess or sugar comma.

Waiting for JJ on Skype. The netbook looks like a full size laptop.

P's turn to chat with JJ.

SS's street cred, she took a needle to her right thigh.

How many pictures can we post of a sleeping SS? Don't know, will have to count when we end the blog. She looks so angelic, innocent, peaceful, and still (snort). Love it when her little arms are up like that, sleeping with total abandon.

Videos taken for P's benefit. :)

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Brenda said...

Great job, K. It looks like S really wanted to be able to figure out her seat arrangement and be helpful. Big step indeed!