Monday, January 04, 2010

A really rough day.

I woke up feeling pretty lousy and could not figure out why. SS and I had a few errands to run and planned to meet P for lunch. I asked P when did we have a wild party that make me wake up so nauseous. I had the ultimate hangover, but had no recollection of partying hardy. P is really good at troubleshooting my symptoms, but he came up with nothing. He told me to take it easy and that he could run the errands. No freaking way dude, SS and I had some serious cabin fever and I was determined to get out. Five minutes after that conversation I had to quickly move SS off my lap and made it just in time to hurl my guts out. All I had in me was black cherry sparkling water and diet 7 Up, but I must have drank gallons of the stuff, because the puke fest went on for quite a while. Poor SS must have had a flashback to two months ago, and that set the tone for the rest of the day. She was clingy, needy, whinny, and most of all scared. I am not the only one having post operative effects.

We did take care of a quite a few errands and met P for lunch, although I was feeling miserable. SS was admiring a Nikon D5000 camera (did I mention that I have a birthday coming?) when P walked in the store. SS let our such a loud, high pitched squeal that even surprised us, and frightened some around us. She really startled us with her shriek, and we are pretty immune to her glass shattering quality high notes. P picks her up and she lifts her index finger to her lips, and goes "shhhh." Yeah P, quit causing a commotion in public spaces.

SS and I ordered lunch, while P went to the restroom. SS did not notice him leaving and began to freak out. As soon as I saw tears I reassured her that Baba was still in the store, but just in the bathroom. The tears stopped, but SS just had to know, and asked at full volume, "Baba pee pee?" "Baba poo poo"? How the heck should I know? It's not like I have a freaking tracking device in my uterus that beams information about my husband's bodily functions. I should have answered, but when SS is loud like that, and there are people laughing around me, my brain refuses to engage, I freeze, and make things worse. SS just had to know. She grabbed my face, and did the impossible, increased her volume and slowly repeated her burning questions. I guess inquiry minds do need to know. The kicker is that the least my daughter could do is interrogate her father in an equally vigorous manner. Nope, she saw P and all was forgotten. I need combat pay for this job.

This afternoon, by serendipity we (actually P) discovered something about my surgery that has shaken our faith in my surgeon. It might seem like petty nitpicking to some, but to us it is disturbing. P is angry, I am beyond angry, I feel violated and that is not a good feeling. Especially when I am due to be under the same surgeon's care soon. I have that pesky reversal issue to solve. It knocked the air out of us emotionally, on a day that was already replete with complications from my morning pukearama. I have an appointment with my surgeon Thursday, and will get an opportunity to address our concerns. Just not looking forward to making tough decisions. So happy new freaking year to us.

Even though SS had a tough day, she coped the way she knows best, by sticking close to her Mama. She would not even color on the coffee table as she usually does. A few pictures our our little blossoming artist below.


Gotta love that smock, it looks oh so cute on SS, and it has handy pockets.

Notice how she has the entire place to herself, but must be right next to Mama. Rough day indeed.

I love my Christmas present.

As SS nears her third birthday, we wonder if she will remain a leftie. Such concentration, the girl can hyper focus when it suits her.

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