Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baa Baa Black Sheep,a cookbook, a busted lip and an eye patch.

SS and I took advantage of a break from the rain and headed to Story Time at the bookstore. Once again, some quiet, well behaved alien took over our daughter's body there.

Mr. Paul's first song was Baa Baa Black Sheep, one of the first songs SS liked and recognized. It was one of the songs on SS's Tad. It was good to at least get a reaction from SS, and it would have been even better if she clapped along and danced, like all the other kids, but that was not going to happen.

And back to her trance state checking every move Mr. Paul made while playing. As he was gathering his things, Mr. Paul thanked SS for being there and said, "I really enjoy playing for you, you really pay attention, you listen, and the music really touches you, that is rare at your age." It would be hilarious if Mr. Paul saw SS at home where she never listens, is never still and never quiet.

I told SS to select a book for us to read. After careful consideration (and they had her favorites like Dora, Diego, Olivia, Wonder Pets, Yo Gabba Gabba, etc.) she brought this one to me. She is one funky child.


SS was very interested in the smoothies.

Contemplating whether she wants to give it a shot.

Hi Reading Bear, would you like to have a seat and read with me?

SS improvised an eye patch and wanted Mama to send a pirate picture to Baba.

After lunch at home with Baba, we headed out to the bridge to allow SS to become a free range child. She was so happy to be out and asked about the rain. Just enjoy the reprieve little one. A group of four people approached us from the opposite direction and were admiring SS. She cracked them up by waving and saying "Hi people!" A diva in the making.

I called P to share what SS did, as she began to run. Just as I was about to tell P that I had never seen her run so fast, SS reached the end of the bridge and did a face plant on the cement. I hurriedly told P "she fell, got to go," dropped the phone on the stroller and went to scrape SS off the floor. SS was bawling something awful and had a bloody lip. I thought about walking back to the cafe to get some ice, but SS never allows me to place ice on her injuries. I cleaned up her lip, put pressure on it and held her until she was done crying. At that point SS was done with the whole walking business and wanted to sit on her stroller.

I called P to let him know SS was OK, and told him how terrible it felt that I was on the phone while my daughter was kissing the cement. He reassured me that things just happen and that I did the right thing, "Hon, you quickly hung up on me and tended to her." I recalled throwing the phone (maybe that is why my phones do not last) on the stroller, but I did not recall ending the call, I though P did on his end. Nice of him to split hairs about me hanging up on him when our daughter is hurt.

Proudly smiling for Baba displaying her new busted lip. This after crying and hanging on to me for dear life. We love the beautiful pink fleece she is wearing, a gift from her godmother, Auntie C. It arrived shortly after SS came home and at the time we thought she had a few years of use. SS treats it like a stuffed animal, caressing it and even kissing it, it is her favorite jacket. We are disappointed that the sleeves now fit SS just fine. She is not particularly long armed like her father, so this came as a surprise. We are going to miss her pretty dragonfly fleece jacket. Since SS was no longer interested in the outdoors, we walked inside to look at some of the exhibits. It is a very small place but it does not get old for SS; wish I could say the same about me.

Future checkers champ?

A rarity, SS fell asleep as soon as I pulled out of the parking lot. I needed to pick up a couple of items at the market and thought she would wake up as she always does. Good thing I only needed two items, because SS was out solid. Those 27 pounds of love did quite a job on my arm. I was able to secure her in her carseat, get her out at home, and the girl was still out, not even stirring. This has never happened before, poor thing was really tired.

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