Saturday, January 23, 2010

She has an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie waist.

SS has plenty of pants that fit her lengthwise. The problem is that tiny waist of hers. We have not found a belt for her micro waist (and a lot of her pants do not have loops), and having her walking around like L@rry King is not an option. And this is with the added padding from her diaper. While we are sure once she is a teenager and adult her size will be a major plus, right now it is a pain in the rear end. Our last option and salvation (because big surprise, I can't sew) is below.

SS's new 24 month old, adjustable waist jeans.

How small is SS's waist? She needs both sides adjusted to the last notch. By the time SS outgrows them lenghtwise, we foresee only a notch gain by then. We need to buy her a few more of these.

My iPhone needs to be repaired, the home button is not working and the battery is not charging. P saved the day by taking the SIM card out, and placing it in his old phone. I at least have a cell phone and access to e-mail on the go. The rest of the applications are still P's. I am having fun finding pictures I had no idea he had taken, and will be posting some here.

Some time before our trip last summer.

Sleeping like an angel at one of the hotels in New York.

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