Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It was really windy today.

Today SS and I had to brave the wind and the rain and forage for sustenance. As much as SS hates the wind, we just had to buy groceries, we were depleted. Our first stop was the $100 store (C0$tc0). As we were waiting at the register, a young lady came over to scan our purchases.

SS: "Look, dos pan."
YL: "What sweetie? You sure are beautiful."
SS: "Dos pan (pointing down)."
YL: Had a pretty lost look so I decided to help her out.
Me: "She said two breads, referring to the two loaves of bread."
YL: "WOW, you are REALLY smart, you can speak English and Spanish."
Me: "Well, she just knows a few words." SS's receptive language far surpasses her expressive abilities.

SS being an expert at making a liar out of me, and with luck on her side because of the items I purchased, just went to town. She began pointing and talking.

SS: "Jugo (juice), huevos (eggs), pan, queso (cheese), uvas (grapes)."

BY this time SS had captivated the attention of the woman and teenager behind us. The woman commented that it appeared that SS knew more than just a few words. As I was relating the incident to P after dinner, he was laughing his butt off. He knows my frustration regarding SS's language delay and he knows that we do not want SS to come across as someone she is not. It was just luck that I had the items I had in that basket.

Another frustration that we have with SS's language is her refusal to say certain things in English. We cannot get milk or juice out of her and it really annoys us. Her no no word in Spanish is pingϋino (penguin), she won't utter the darn word. The woman behind us had milk.

SS: Points at the milk, "Leche!"
Woman: "Very good, you are a really smart one you know, you know lots of words."
Me: At this point I have completely given up and just allowed SS to continue her performance.
Woman: "And how do you say that in English?"
Me: Thinking, HA! good luck with that one lady, we have been trying for a year to get her to say it. But I should have known better. I should have known that the imp in SS would not be able to resist taking a jab at me.
SS: "MILK!!!!!"

UGH, UGH, UGH, dude she said it, and to a complete, freaking stranger. When I got to that part with P he almost choked, he was laughing so hard. The man completely empathized with my frustration and wondered what on earth made SS want to say milk for a stranger. We just cannot win with this child. :)

That far away speck of orange and light blue is SS's trampoline. We waited for P to retrieve it because there are two mean dogs in that house. They gave me a scare shortly after we arrived from China. They got out, and I had my back to them, getting the trash ready for pick up. I heard their vicious growling, turned around, and the suckers were about to pounce on me. It was beyond scary. I'm afraid of all dogs as it is, vicious ones simply petrify me. It also shook me because SS could have been out there with me playing. The thought of SS getting hurt by those dogs scared me more. And those would have been dead dogs had they attacked my child.

I first saw the trampoline from our bathroom window just before lunch. I kept checking throughout the day to make sure no one swiped it.

A tired and cold P to the rescue.

Are you serious Mama, I'm getting my jumpolene back?

Our hero.

They look as though they are returning from climbing Mt. Everest. :)

A very happy SS doing her imitation of a baby penguin. Check out how her hair bow matches her polo shirt. We LOVE her skull bows, they are so SS. The shirt and pants were a gift from Grandpa. This is the second time that items from the grandmothers and Grandpa mesh perfectly.

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