Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sneaky S.

We believe that SS's drastic change in nutrition since we met is the cause of her overall good health (along with a lot of luck). Remember, at 15 months, our daughter was surviving on 24 ounces of formula a day. That is, if we can take her nanny's assertions at face value. Sadly, the past eighteen months have taught us to doubt almost everything we were told. I worried about possible food issues because P is rather inflexible about his expectations. We were and are still lucky that SS at least tries every food that is presented to her. I also keep reminding P that when SS enters preschool he will have to readjust his expectations.

So P's quirk is about trying the food presented to her, and unless it's a health or allergy issue, we are not a diner, SS must eat what we make for dinner. P has been surprised at my draconian approach to SS's milk intake. But all you have to do is look at the difference between the teeth SS had prior to us and the ones she has sprouted since. The difference is remarkable and even her doctor noticed the unevenness. So milk it is, a daily minimum of 27 ounces if I can help it, along with an almost always healthy diet (we are not completely heartless).

While P is very good at sticking to his food edicts, he is somewhat less mindful of mine. As with most couples, I do occasionally return the favor. My daughter knows what hunger is, and it is difficult for me, really difficult not to cater to her desires so she eats. However, I do respect P and unless he is being irrational, I understand the need for consistency (hear that dude?).

P tends to give in to SS's sweet tooth for juice. SS could have orange juice all day if allowed. My rule is that she must ingest two sippy cups (9 oz each) of milk before she is allowed to have her sippy of juice. SS knows this, but also knows that her Baba does not keep track like her Mama. Also during weekends we tend to be more laid back, and allow more sugar intake that during the week.

SS is on a feast stage and the past few days have been very good food wise. Her appetite is almost as good as when we came home from China. This morning SS engaged in her usual I want jugo not leche routine. Since she has been eating so well, I wanted to see how much milk she drank, before deciding to reward her good appetite with juice. I could not find her milk sippy cup, even though I knew it was upstairs. I asked SS and she played dumb. I asked in Spanish, I asked in English, I used the sign for cup. The more I asked, the more dumbfounded she appeared about the whereabouts of her leche sippy.

All I wanted was to see how much she drank and to place the remainder in the refrigerator. Not much energy left in me after yesterday for that battle. I explained to SS that she would be getting jugo, but she had to produce the leche sippy first. Dude, she played it well. SS walked around seemingly disoriented, then, surprise, she innocently pointed to its location.

I think the location, wedged between her (formerly mine for almost 20 years) giant teddy bear and her dresser is hardly accidental. She would have to walk between her crib and her bean bag to reach that spot. SS is getting as good as JJ was about hiding food. JJ's favorite spot was between the refrigerator and the wall. The dishwasher was his plan B. And she has ten more years to hone her craft before she is a teen.

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