Friday, January 29, 2010

SS would do anything for love, but she won't do THAT.

This afternoon SS and I had different plans. I planned to clean both our bathrooms and the downstairs half bathroom. SS wanted me to sit on the glider while she played. As I have shared many times before we do tend to over indulge SS's need for closeness, hugs, kisses and whatever makes her feel secure. But, it was not going to traumatize her to be away from me for such a short amount of time. SS is a stubborn little thing who must have her way. Still, this is our home, not Burger K*ng, she can't have it her way.

SS resorted to follow me around whining, like her survival depended on me sitting by her side and watch her play. SS came up to me for the umpteenth time as I was getting ready to clean the master bathroom toilet. I told her that she could return to her room or she could help Mama clean the toilet. Dude, she said "No thanks, bye Mama," and high tailed it to her bedroom. That is all the incentive she needed. From now on, when I need some alone time, I will invite SS to clean toilets with me. This is what I found when I was done. As you can see, SS was getting in touch with her inner nudist.

I told P about the incident when we were in bed tonight, and we both had a good laugh. P did note that while SS loves to cook and be with us, cleaning is not her forte. He pointed out that as soon as she is done "cooking" she moves on, not offering to help clean the mess that she mostly created. P also pointed out that when we are doing dishes, SS is all about placing items in the dishwasher, closing and locking its door and then starting it. Again, no curiosity about rinsing or washing dishes. Now we know that cleaning bathrooms does not interest her at all. We hope her partner is tidy and willing to overlook SS's lack of enthusiasm for helping around the house. Add to that that we are still working on getting her to pick up her toys, with disastrous results. Now we all know that SS does not stand for Spic & Span.

August 13, 2008

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