Friday, January 15, 2010

Three hands.

P asked if SS and I would like to have a treat, a steak dinner at our favorite joint. SS and I quickly agreed, as we love their Porterhouse steak. During the drive there, P said that he was surprised that I accepted that fast. Hello! Food, you offered food, what is there to think about? But P knows me well, how silly I can be about purely inconsequential things when they are followed by very unpleasant events. That was the last meal I had before my surgery, and now I know why SS had more than I, and it did not feel so good. My gut was brewing its own perfect storm. What can I say, I am willing to overlook that minor detail for a good meal. However, the heck if I'm tempting fate or the bowel gods the night before surgery.

The restaurant is usually very crowded, not very kid friendly, they do not even have a kid's menu. If you eat at the bar with a kid, you get the oldest looking booster or high chair I have ever seen. Remember, I have experience with high chairs in China, I have seen pathetic. If you walk through that door, be ready to eat an adult size meal. We played it smart this time and brought SS's handy dandy art travel case, and added crayons to the markers it has in it. Our budding artiste is quite particular about what medium to use when her muse strikes.

SS did very well with the longer than expected wait. At the foyer she did not do much coloring. SS seems to enjoy one of my favorite past times, people watching. I love me some people watching, and SS is lining up to be my people watching buddy. At the table, SS insisted on having us draw with her. Forget about talking to each other, it's all about SS. P began to trace his hand and that had SS's full attention. But she does not have the patience to have her hand traced, she is ticklish beyond belief, and must wiggle her little fingers. SS insisted on having our three hands traced on a new placemat, and the result is below. Please, no comments about my Sasquatch like paws. I am well aware how huge they are. SS's hand is actually a lot smaller than it appears. Since she is so squirmy, P could not get close to her fingers, so he did the best he could. Below is a picture, an original P, composition by SS (meaning that she forced our hands down on the paper), titled Three Hands.

SS's art travel case.

Left to right, P's hand, SS's hand, my hand. Artwork by P, composition by SS.

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