Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good help is hard to find.

SS is enjoying her kitchen, spending a lot of time engaged in pretend cooking. It is really a hoot to watch her fleeting about. Watching yourself through your children's prism is not always flattering. I am responsible for SS's impression of what happens in the kitchen. SS spends an inordinate amount of time boiling water. I had no idea that 99% of my kitchen time is spent boiling water. Apparently once I'm done, I loudly warn that it is VERY HOT, blow on it, and force those around me to drink the water. Fascinating stuff.

SS's kitchen has a phone, and phones are a big deal to SS. Between toy (6), old cells (2), and old house phones (4), she has accumulated a few. It would lead people to think that I spend my days chatting away. P and I are not phone people, we prefer e-mail, texts and video conferencing. I am rarely on the phone, so we have no idea where her phone obsession comes from. We did buy her a toy phone in Kunming, and have been playing receptionist for her ever since. It is a game that she enjoys to this day. SS hands us the phone, we answer, determine if she is available, and then hand the phone to her. We reasoned that it is good practice for her teenage years.

A few days ago I was cleaning SS's bathroom while she was cooking. She handed me her kitchen phone and went back to work. I did my part, "Hello this is SS's assistant, she is not available right now." I have never done phones, so I thought that was pretty decent. SS looked at me royally annoyed and said "NO! Busy COOKIIIIIIIIIIING!" Cracked me up, her delivery was perfect and at the same time scary.

As you can see, SS is wearing her Mickey D's backpack. Smart girl, she has Plan B food in case this cooking thing goes wrong. (Jan 5, although those are her Xmas PJs)

Enjoying her Jungle pop up book.

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