Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dia de Reyes fun.

SS's second Dia de Reyes at home. The cousins gifts arrived after Christmas, so we kept them for today. We reserved two gifts from us, because it is a tradition. I think future Dia de Reyes will consist of a small token gift. We have yet to get Grandpa's gift assembled (%&*%$ thing that we selected), so that is another one coming. Organized wonder that I am, the Abus' gifts have not been ordered. SS will receive a personalized doctor's coat and apron from them. Thank you Grandpa and the Abus, sorry about the delay. We are not into making New Year resolutions, but this one is a must. We just cannot get more toys in this place. Once we get off our arses we need to give away those toys that SS hardly touches, or those she has outgrown. We will inform you when hell freezes over.

Books from Cousin B and Cousin H. THANK YOU!

Wow, the pop up type. One of the pages has an adult Panda and a baby Panda. SS has named the adult Panda Baba Bear or Mama Bear (depending on who she is kissing up to), and the baby Bear is S bear.

Hey, the pop ups move too!

Playing dress up with Baba on her new magnetic book.

Check out this beyond cool bow (there are two) part of the Grandmothers X-mas loot. We all just LOVE them, and surprisingly they remind SS of Halloween.

Drum from Mama and Baba because they are masochistic fools.

Chinese New Year Ni Hao Kai Lan dolls.

I placed SS on the floor after getting her out of the bath. Her routine is to stand by the dresser and wait to be placed on the dressing part to get her PJs on. Before we knew it, she ditched her towel, and secured the drum around her neck for some naked rocking.

Seriously, why oh why did we get her a drum? The girl makes enough noise for at least three over the top children. Here are two reasons:

April 2009.

May 2009.

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