Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dancing the night away.

SS danced the night away like the party animal that she is. The reception began at 5:00 p.m. and we had been hanging out at the casino (walking around inside) since 4:00 p.m. CB and CH had been napping since shortly after leaving the church. SS had been awake since early in the morning without a nap. At around 6:00 p.m. SS began to cry and I took her out of the dining area. By the time we reached the hall SS cries had intensified and sounded awfully close to her Wednesday cries. I was so worried that somehow this trip had caught up with SS and we were in for a messy meltdown. SS calmed down after lots of hugs and kisses, then requested to return to our table and to her Baba. P held her and by 6:10 p.m. SS was out cold. Nana noted that it was the first time that she had heard SS cry. She cries, not with the same intensity but she cries.

One thing we are thankful from our experience in China is forced adaptability. Last night I held SS and P pretty much fed me and tonight I returned the favor. Gee, people are going to think that we are not capable of feeding ourselves. SS slept 90 minutes and we do not know how she managed that with all the noise surrounding her. There is a short video at the bottom of the page, and the noise level increased significantly during the last hour of her nap. Once awake, SS only had two bites of her dinner. We had pizza at the hotel but she did not want any before going to sleep.

P, Aunt C, Uncle M and I discovered Blue Margaritas and slammed down quite a few. Copious amounts of alcohol do level off social anxiety. P liked that they are so much less acidic than the original. SS had a blast and danced with anyone (OK, we only allowed family) that would dance with her. She looked so cute dancing with cousin K, the tallest of the cousins. I was a bit embarrassed at SS's volume last night during dinner. Tonight she was equally loud but the overall volume was so over the top that I hope no one noticed my very loud child.

Cousin M and R had THE BEST entrance of the bridal party.

The groom's proud parents, Uncle J (Baby J is his namesake) and Aunt M. They gifted SS, CB and CH each an outfit. We were surprised that with all the wedding preparations they had the forethought to pick something for the little ones.

P really likes this picture because no one is crying and CH looks like he has an inside joke.

SS (36 inches) and Cousin K (6' 7"), they were the shortest and tallest on the dance floor.

Aunt C took this picture and it is so cute that SS is in the foreground. We are sure that she was thinking "WTF, is that what those two call dancing?"

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