Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The down side to wearing shorts in late November.

Life is good when it is sunny in late November. Then the real cold comes in overnight and your California shorts wearing child refuses to dress warm, wear a hat or mittens. Well little stubborn girl it's 33 degrees outside and the heck if you are wearing shorts, a short sleeve shirt, and no jacket. Yes your brother did that, but that was before I had the fear of CPS dropping by and making our lives a living hell.

SS had a rough night, she was up the latest she has been since the school bedtime began. P wanted her in bed with us because her room was drafty, and she proceeded to kick both of us hard. At a point I had to place her at the foot of the bed to give my back a rest. Then I felt guilty as heck and SS ended up sleeping on top of me. We just keep telling ourselves that she will soon not want this. Yeah, right.

This morning was hellish, as SS fought everything. I have no idea how we made it to school. She cried about brushing her hair, brushing her teeth, about not being able to bring ALL her toys to school, about JJ not arriving until tomorrow, about the state of the economy...

P felt horrible when we dropped by because SS's face was tear stained. Darn, that trick has never worked for me. P complimented SS's hat and mittens, then asked the usual question, when did we get them. In this case over three years before SS came home. It's so weird that we still have stuff for her future use from so long ago. SS was not buying how cute she looked in her warm gear to improve her mood. Baba came to the rescue and took us to his break room where he allowed SS to play with the chess board, and I got a nice cup of cinnamon coffee. P then chased his daughter outside and when we departed I had a happy SS. I must admit that the dude comes in handy occasionally. So what if SS was late for school? Her Baba made her smile and that is worth a tardy on her record. Good thing we never expected SS to have a good school record.

If SS wasn't in such a bad mood this morning, I would have been the grumpy one. The girl has outgrown all her long pants and long sleeved shirts. SS is as short as she was last summer, when did her legs stretch. With the arms, for someone so short, she actually takes after her Baba, they both have long wing spans.

One more sleep and JJ will be home. Finally, something positive to look forward to for all of us.

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