Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting some answers.

A more accurate title is getting some answers, kinda, sorta. I received a message from the Oahu SW, which made us feel hopeful since I never received a return phone call from the Maui clinic. Just as I was about to return her phone call, P received an update from the hospital's case manager. The CM briefly talked about what steps will be taken next. Turns out hearing from the Oahu SW was fortuitous as one of the steps involved them.

The SW outlined the few options for care in Maui, all outpatient. I had better options after my surgery last year, and I sure as heck was self sufficient, and had P to help me whenever needed. When I relayed the CMs message, the SW was surprised that they would think it was a done deal. While there is a VA facility in Oahu that accommodates that need, it is small, the resources divided among 4 different programs, and it is in high demand. Another great example of miscommunication and wishful thinking. But we at least have a better understanding about what is (not) available. That is the downside of retiring in paradise.

I was once again amused annoyed by the laid back attitude. Oh, two weeks in an ICU? No problem, the patient will return to his previous standard of living. Really? After not walking for a month? WOW. Grandpa has been on a fourteen year campaign to get us to move to Maui. We have always known that it is not the place for us. As much as we like sun and surf, the cabin fever would strike us within weeks. After this talk, P is convinced neither one of us could ever work there. I am too much of a realist, and now P has been forced to join me in that world. Growing up sure sucks.

SS was so remorseful about making us wait two years to see her puke that she decided to do an encore today. Except that we are almost sure that it was intentional. Horrible mother that I am, I made her clean it up. We do not negotiate with terrorists, no matter how cute they are. I had heard and read a lot about kids urinating on themselves and vomiting out of spite. But since JJ never did it, stupidly thought it would not happen with SS. Another instance where JJ is coming way ahead as the easy one.

That was a great way to cap another crappy night. I have a pinched nerve, oh joy! P went to work at 1:00 a.m., so he could come home early enough to help me with SS during her awake and very active time. We are hoping for an early bedtime tonight.

SS made us laugh with her chutzpah. P burped and SS said "Yucky, yucky Baba." I did not hear the burp and I was closer to P than SS. Just a few minutes later SS lets out a lumberjack loud belch. Our dainty little flower thought it was funny, giggled away, and did not find it yucky at all.

Look who has a milk mustache. BTW, best one we have ever seen.

That is SS's incentive to drink out of a regular cup. The downside is that since we put very little in, there is a lot of refilling. SS is a drinker, can down 9 ounces easily with a meal.

How could this little angel be capable of puking in anger just to spite her evil parents?

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