Sunday, November 07, 2010

The frustration continues... (Updated)

P received the POA and ROI via e-mailed Friday night and immediately went to his work to print, sign and fax the forms. He was told that Grandpa's attending physician would call Saturday as well as the social worker. We (P, JJ, Aunt Court and I) have tried to talk to grandpa without success. He is either asleep (completely understandable), being assessed by the nurse, or the phone rings and he does not pick up. We doubt that he has his hearing aids and probably can't hear the ring.

It is frustrating to be completely in the dark regarding his condition and prognosis. P is barely sleeping because the stress from this incident, coupled with his nasty cold has done a job on him. There's only so much one can do an ocean away and traveling to Maui now is not an option. P does not get family sick leave, so if he goes that is income he is forfeiting in addition to the flight cost. He has decided that if he travels it is wiser to do so upon discharge, to settle Grandpa back in his home and deal with whatever services he might need. Whatever he needs to do needs to be done with as few missed days of work as possible.

Of course there is the temptation to leave the social worker a message REALLY voicing displeasure with the lack of communication. But P knows that he is officially Grandpa's spokesperson now, and that it will be him dealing with the hospital staff. Not a good idea to pi$$ them off. But the temptation is so there. I am proud of P's restraint, I am not sure I could be so clear headed. So here we wait for news...

It's been pouring today and a while ago we had mild hail. SS got a kick out of seeing ice fall and tried to get it in her mouth. She is an ice freak.

UPDATE: 4:40 p.m.
The social worker informed P that Grandpa has been sleeping a lot and arranged for a nurse to call.

The nurse informed P that Grandpa could not tolerate the dialysis, not known why. He has a blood clot in his leg, which makes this thing even more eerily similar to JJ's predicament years ago. Grandpa is on Heparin. The blood clot makes sense if he spent a lot of time unconscious and in the same position. we were discussing that the weather in Maui was a blessing, as it remains in the 70 degree range at night.

P was able to discuss our concern about Grandpa's mental acuity. The nurse thought that how he presented was normal. That is a hell to the no! Grandpa is VERY sharp and articulate. It is why we have been so frustrated that they had not called, to ask someone who had first hand knowledge about Grandpa's usual mental and physical state.

My first attempt ever at braiding hair. I better get good at this soon, because SS keeps waking up with serious bed hair knots every morning. A loose pony tail comes off in seconds, and a tight pony tail is uncomfortable.

Story time last night. SS's new found fear of Halloween has not stopped her from requesting the book Spooky, Spooky, Spooky. It has such great illustrations.

Our miniature Elvis loving Chilean miner.

Right under SS's right are are the remnants of her latest acrobatic attempt last week. We have warned her hundreds of times not to balance herself on every object she encounters, especially balls. But like Mami said "nadie aprende por cabeza ajena" (no one learns through someone else's head), and SS had to keep pushing her luck. Her last attempt happened in the kitchen, and SS missed the edge of the cupboard's door by next to nothing. I am stunned that it did not result in a trip to the ER. The magic of tenacity and endless imagination.

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