Friday, November 05, 2010

Same trick, different decade, different delivery.

When JJ was SS's age his strategy to get out of eating was to pretend that he wanted the food, but wait for as long as possible to take a bite. Sometimes he would take a bite, but would extend the chewing for an inordinate long period of time. Once that magical time had elapsed JJ would announce that he could not eat the food because "it's spoiled." The time elapsed always varied because three year olds are not good with the concept of time.

Yesterday SS handed me her cup and stated she could not drink her milk because "it's sour Mama." I had no idea how long the milk had been in that cup and did not know if P or I were the one to give her milk. Since we were still in that deer caught between headlights haze I dumped the milk, and rinsed the cup. As I was getting ready to get more milk SS requested juice. Fine, we were so scatterbrained that she missed a great opportunity to get a screwdriver instead. So OJ it was and we had a happy SS.

Later in the afternoon SS tried it again, except that I was finally more clear headed. With all the sincerity of a pathological liar she took a sip, made a face and announced she could not drink the milk, again, it was sour and she smiled as she requested juice instead. Not so fast there Missy. I had given her the milk barely five minutes before, tasted it, and it came from a gallon that does not expire until November 15. I am older, slower, but eventually caught up to the old JJ trick. Couple of decades later, different delivery but still a sneaky attempt to get away with something.

SS was totally freaked out this morning because it was dark outside as I was getting her ready for school. She wanted Baba to come home, not an option. She then was afraid to go outside because "it's not wake up time, not school time Mama." It was cloudy and SS could not see the moon, so we wasted some time looking for the moon. Kids... But once she saw P at work she was reassured that it would be OK. Glad that daylight savings time is this weekend.

We finally have had some progress with communication regarding Grandpa. P is concerned about Grandpa's inability to remember or articulate what is going on around him. He left a message with the medical social worker and finally received a return call a while ago. Grandpa is in critical care and designated P to make medical decisions on his behalf. Once P receives, signs and returns the ROI (release of information) and POA (power of attorney) forms the information should be forthcoming. P also needs to take care of many other things in his father's life that he has no clue about at this time. This may require a trip to Maui.

What the heck Mama? It's still dark out here.

The skeleton that is still scaring SS. I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to taking down decorations. That being said, I wish they could take that thing down so SS will stop burying her nails into our skin.

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