Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Getting over our Halloweern weekend.

It's official, we are too darn old for the amount of fun we had this weekend. Since we were all nursing colds maybe we should have stayed close to home, but what heck, it's a once a year thing. SS was a bear to wake up yesterday morning. I had to dress her while she was still asleep. We knew getting her up in the mornings was going to be the most difficult part of her transition and she has proved us right. SS was in such a foul mood that I did not even bother to stop by P's work for her morning kiss. She was royally mad at me for interrupting her beauty sleep and would not even hug or kiss me goodbye. I have a feeling she is going to make me pay for this when she is a teen.

This morning was much better for SS, although P and I were barking like seals. I have never seen P cough so much, I thought he was going to throw up. He said that now he feels even worse about SS's hacking fits. SS was in a pepperoni pizza with sauerkraut mood and Baba indulged her during lunch. Our little girl happily ate half her sour pizza at Costco and polished the second half when we came home. P thinks we should start putting sauerkraut on all her food.

We have made a huge effort to stick to a bedtime routine with SS. Dinner, bath, teeth brushing, story, then crib, even if she is not sleepy (in bed by 8 p.m.). It's been two weeks and P has done an amazing job being consistent. I am very proud of his efforts and we have only screwed up during the weekends, nothing wrong with some occasional co-sleeping when she spends 5 nights in her room. However, the goal is to have her in her room full time. It's been fun to have the daylights punched and kicked out of us for the past two years. But we know that SS is now secure enough with us that she can stand the separation.

Trust me, you need to try this, it tastes really good. Come on, you know you want to.

Here it goes...


Doing her civic duty. I had never set foot in a polling place until I was old enough to vote. SS now has quite a few voting experiences at her young age.

SS is still walking around with the Halloween card Nana and Grand Min sent her. But she is calling it her birthday card. Whatever floats your boat little one.

Always a pleasure to have our daughter act like she is in need of a 5150 hold while we shop. Maybe the super hero thing is going to her head. Love the way she pronounces hero. Her emphasis is on HER- O, so darn cute.

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