Monday, November 29, 2010

A yucky milestone.

We had a manic Monday morning and where about to make it shamefully late to school, when SS's toys (referred to yesterday as crap) saved the morning. Not only is SS not a morning person, she also loathes Mondays. Since she has no concept of days, we are in awe how she manages to be at her worst on Mondays. After incessant prodding we were out the door only two minutes late, but we still had to stop and get gas. We walked outside to find my car windows covered with ice. I had checked the weather and somehow 28 degrees did not connect in my mind with the need for extra time. That is when SS's buckets (3 Halloween, 1 Easter) came in very handy. Three buckets full of cold water were sufficient to get rid of the ice. We saved time by not having to return and reload. SS even managed to take a bucket from the kitchen to the van without spilling a drop. She was so proud of herself, and we were merely late, not embarrassingly late.

My learning experience of the day is that there is a good reason why the patients of the Maui VA clinic give it scathing reviews. Just getting a person on the phone is a nightmare. I am glad P did not have to do this, he just does not have the time. The bad news is that they do not have a patient liaison, and there is very little they can offer. The good news is that a social worker from the VA hospital in Oahu will be contacting me to educate us about what options are available when Grandpa is discharged. That is nowhere in the near future, but why wait until the last moment to wonder what to do.

SS had a great day at school, but not so good at home. We are just grateful that she held it together there. She was an imp during lunch, but it was obvious she was exhausted. She fell asleep on the drive home and took an almost three hour nap. She woke up cranky as heck, whining and crying over everything. SS was also very congested, she was not like that before her nap. I was feeding her one of her favorites, pasta with Alfredo sauce when SS treated us to a disgustingly yucky milestone. This afternoon SS puked for the first time since we met. After cleaning up that mess, we both agree that we could have done without that first. What made it better is that SS had half a berry smoothie in her system. That stuff stains something awful. I have a strong stomach and I almost hurled at the sight.

By three and a half JJ had graced me with quite a few puke fests. For the past two years P has asked me if it is normal that SS had not vomited. I recall my cousins and myself puking as kids, but I did not give it too much thought. Mystery solved, SS can puke and when she does it is as disgusting as it gets. First milestone that did not make me run to get the camera.

The mittens and hat SS is wearing are infant size, and they now fit perfectly. The hat is a bit tight, but the mittens finally fit. The jacket is a size 12 months, but that must be a mistake, because SS's arms are too long for a 12 month sleeve.

SS with Cream Puff Zebra, her carseat guard. Do not be fooled by its fluffiness, she is an attack zebra.

First time SS wore her hat and mittens two years ago.

SS is really good at Memory to the point that it worries us about the future. I downloaded two versions on my phone and she loves the one where she matches shoes. This is post puking, waiting for Baba to bring her a Frosty to settle her tummy. No idea if a Frosty would do that but her Baba wanted to treat her.

I did it Mama, all 16 matches in record time!

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