Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

JJ is home, bird's in the oven, and our foul tempered child is napping. This is as good as it gets, our island of four. No driving, no flying, no hassles, and everyone can walk around in shorts (me) or PJs (SS) if they please. Last year we were thankful that I managed to hang around a while longer. This year we are grateful that Grandpa has managed to hang on. Just a few days ago P said that if this trends continues he is going to hate holidays. My husband is all heart.

P and JJ are watching Starship Troopers, they both actually like the darn movie, actually find it funny. I guess some things are so awful that in turn it makes them funny. Like Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin on DWTS.

The images below are from two years ago, SS was not in a picture taking mood this morning. Plus, she looks so freaking adorable in that picture. When did she grow? When did she lose her baby chub? Can we get it back? The second one is just plain funny.

Wishing everyone the best food coma ever.

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Michelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Oh my Gosh, how precious is that picture? Why do they have to grow up? Why? Sniff.