Saturday, November 27, 2010

A rare treat for P and I.

The last time P and I went to a movie theater alone was a week before we flew to China. Little did we know that it would take two and a half years for us to catch another movie alone. Last night we took advantage of JJ's visit, and the discovery of the eight screen cheapo theater, and had some alone time. Well, as alone as one can be in a theater. The good thing about our absence from the cinema is that any movie is new to us. JJ and SS watched Despicable Me, while P and I watched Wall Street. There was a tense few seconds when JJ and SS entered their theater and SS reached out for my hand. But she had popcorn, a huge Icee and JJ, so it ended well.

Early in the evening P and I had some rare time without having SS jumping all over me, demanding my full attention. We talked about the many things we need to work on next week. As we were bouncing ideas off each other, P commented that we already had full plates and did not need the added stress. True, but excrement happens, and we are a good team. It could be worse, if I was working full time it would be a freaking disaster. But I am here, I have the time, I know P better than anyone and know how he wants things done. I will be making a lot of phone calls on his behalf. P is still doing his best to stay off the phone at work. The last thing we need is for him to get in trouble for yapping on the phone like a teenage girl. I am thankfully very good at case management and crisis intervention. I never thought I would be so thankful for the job I hated so much, because that is where I honed those skills. It is a bit frustrating to do things long distance, but that is the hand we have been dealt, and we need to do our best.

SS's godmother gets her the best coats. She is responsible for the pink fluffy jacket that SS adores. When she realized that this is SS's last season wearing it, she quickly sent this one and added a hat. We wanted to take pictures to send Auntie C, and our initially hostile child transformed into a major ham when JJ prodded her to pose.

I was kicking myself after getting SS the giant RED Icee. That coat is way too expensive to have it ruined during the first wearing.

The closest she is going to get to a date for the next forty years.

Their movie ended before ours and they just waited while playing video games. SS is really getting into her Leapster, and of course she feels all grown up to be doing what her brother is doing.

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