Sunday, November 28, 2010

JJ left yesterday and it is our fault.

No drama, the guy had to get back to work. But as far as SS is concerned her awful parents are responsible for JJ's departure and as G0d is her witness we will pay. We are not kidding about this, hell hath no fury like SS when JJ is gone. Since we are wimps we are on a let's get JJ to move here so she won't kill us in our sleep campaign. On the good news front, JJ has a new job, doing similar work as before, but in a college. Lucky dog now has holidays off, no school, no work. That is why we did not have an early Thanksgiving this year. The funny thing is that we all agreed that we enjoyed the whole celebrating before the actual holiday thing. We might come across as a freak show of mismatched wonders at first sight, but there are so many things where we are eerily similar. Anyhoo, JJ made a commitment to a catering job this weekend and that is why he had to leave yesterday morning.

Just JJ's luck that the weather conditions were pretty bad. P was on high alert checking the road conditions and did not want JJ to drive. It was sleeting here, and there was snow predicted at very low levels. P wanted JJ to stay here for the weekend, but the guy had a commitment to keep that was directly related to his new job. The roads were not closed, tire chains were required at certain points and JJ had them. In P's mind some maternal guilt should have been exercised. Bad call, because unless I truly believed his safety was compromised, there is no way I would go into the guilt thing. P is now going on a fact finding mission to prove that I am not a Hispanic mother. Apparently guilt inducing is embedded in our DNA. P made his case, we had a group hug and kisses, and J promised that if he felt unsafe he would turn back.

P went into mother hen mode, constantly checking the road conditions, the weather, and whatever he could think of on JJ's route. We were supposed to have some snow flakes, so he got SS all excited about snow. I had to come up in record time with the snow gear (WTF?) for SS to go outside, and wait for snow flakes like religious cult members eagerly await the end of the world, and for their mentally ill Messiah to rise above them.

It took JJ almost five hours to get home, while it is usually an easy three hour drive. He called P several times to ask about the snow chains and other things. We were incredibly relieved when P received the text that JJ made it safe and sound. We can't wait for Christmas to see JJ again. SS is bummed out about her brother's departure and acting accordingly. The separations are the worst on her.

From SS's point and shoot camera. She finally managed to kill her iPhone so there will be no more cell phone pictures. We have no idea what happened, but it is dead for good. This means that we now have to get her an MP3 player because SS really needs her music. Pouring indeed.

SS's first picture of JJ.

We wonder if all photographers are so much into self portraits as SS. It should not surprise us, as looking at her pictures, videos, blog, and her mirror reflection remain her number one favorite thing to do.

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