Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Pandora's box unleashed.

Communication is much better but answers are not flowing as we hoped. The initial concern about rhabdomyolysis is not as severe, but there are still many unresolved issues. P was informed that the dialysis was discontinued due to grandpa's agitation. It was rescheduled for this morning. We are hoping that it was successfully completed.

So far Grandpa has had two CT scans and they have not seen bleeding or any other indication of a stroke. Then why was he on the floor unable to get up?

They think the blood clots were originated in the heart. Other than that not much info other than the use of Heparin.

Grandpa has a faint pulse on his ankle but the doctor is not optimistic about avoiding a below the knee amputation. However, this is low priority at this time. Given that Grandpa has spent a week in critical care and is not stable, talk of severing limbs or other major surgery is premature. It would be nice for a decent period of lucidity for Grandpa to know this is an option. We would hate to have him wake up post surgery in a total state of confusion. I'm pretty sure P is right about now wishing he was not the first born. He is solely responsible for some very difficult decisions.

There was a colonoscopy scheduled today, but Grandpa did not pass the solution that was supposed to cleanse his system. And of course they do not know why. I recall feeling so bloated, ready to burst, and about to vomit violently when I had my prep for my last surgery. I can't imagine how it feels to have that much liquid in your stomach and no outward flow.

P received a call from the surgeon to request consent for an endoscopy to try to figure out what the problem is. I would take an endoscopy over a colonoscopy any day. P agreed to the procedure and now we wait for the outcome.

Mental acuity is still an issue and of course no answers as to what is causing this. That is other than the fact that Grandpa's system is a scary Pandora's box that has decided to unleash every known ailment at once. Grandpa has always been very sharp mentally, but his body was not in good condition pre hospitalization. All this has definitely taken a toll on him.

P has decided that Grandpa is not going to return to his rented house upon discharge. This means that we are going to have to find a way to place his belongings in storage. As P stated several days ago, no matter how he recuperates we can't have this happen again. Now P also has to work on taking charge of Grandpa's finances and make sure his bills are paid. That would be easy if P had a clue about Grandpa's finances. P talked to a representative from the management company is trying to reach the owner of the house.

Then we have the added concern of Grandpa's new roommate who moved in recently. But again, not much we can do about or for this person. Grandpa is not returning to the house, roommate is going to have to make alternative plans. That is yet another pleasant phone call for P to make.

Did I mention that the past week has been a blur for us and that the constant state of being in the dark is getting on our last collective nerve? SS knows something is happening and is trying to find reassurance in the only way she knows, by being a royal pain in the rear end, by demanding, by whining, by purposefully breaking the rules. It's tough and I need to take deeper breaths, and just cut her some slack.

JJ is going through some deer caught in headlights moments, and it truly sucks that he is three hours away. JJ has never had to face a grandparents' illness before. Even when Abu had cancer (her 3rd or was it 4th time?) she gave very little information as to her condition. So JJ and I were equally blissfully ignorant. This is his first time dealing with a probable grandparent loss.

P is beat and has aged quite a bit these past few days. He does not do illness and death well, he frets and agonizes about outcomes. Having elderly parents taught me to be pragmatic at an early age. P has said many times that a 16 year old has no business planning and executing a funeral. True, but it taught me a heck of a lot in a very short amount of time.

So this, in a nutshell is it for us. We wait for news, developments and I'm sure many more upsetting things. The next step is the easy one, getting Grandpa's belongings stored. Dude, I do not want to be there when P tells him about his decision.

5:30 p.m.

P spoke with Nurse L who stated that the endoscopy went well, no sign of bleeding or other concerns. She also told P that Grandpa is in a good mood, actually laughed after his dialysis this morning. I was nowhere near his predicament last year, and I'm sure no one would have described me as being in a good mood then. :) So go Grandpa! His mental acuity is still an ongoing concern. We are grateful with the baby steps we get.

P is now on the phone with the SW inquiring as to what to do next. I do not think she was thrilled about P's decision regarding the house. However, she has no idea how wheelchair unfriendly the house is, and how he won't be able to function there post hospitalization. We do not have the means to upkeep a three bedroom home waiting for a person who won't return to it. P has taken quite an emotional beating already, and it is time for me to step in and get him to let go for a while and relax. He has a little girl who is missing him terribly. They need some uninterrupted one on one silly time.

And of course a POA requires a lucid individual. UGH!


Brenda said...

Sorry I've been MIA. I've got my hands full here too - been a horrendous month. How can P possibly handle getting Grandpa moved if he doesn't go out there and take charge? Can he enlist one of his sibs to go with him and get this straightened out? This stuff is awful - I lost both parents 5 months apart to horrendous disease and the disruption in everyone's lives was monumental. Somehow we sucked it up and took care of everything - but we all aged about 10 years in the process. Sorry I haven't been around!

2china4S said...


Sorry you have had such a rough month. We hope things are looking up for you and yours.

Will e-mail you about the other stuff. Right now we are mainly worried about the impact just one week has had on SS.

And P is it, his sister works full time and has two little ones under three at home. Plus, grandpa designated him as his proxy.