Friday, November 19, 2010

Yeah women!

Last week I walked in the middle of a conversation between P and SS.

P: People call the pen*s a private, because it is a private part. It means that only I
or my doctor touch it.
SS: I have a gina*
P: Yes you do, and it is also private, no one gets to touch it.
SS: Mama has a gina. I have a gina.
P: Yes, you both have vaginas**.
SS: You no have gina.
P: No, I don't.
SS: Comes over, kisses me and exclaims "Yeah GINAS!"

On Monday I had to change a very runny diaper for SS. The consistency, amount and smell caught me off guard (darn that cold). I quickly grabbed more wipes and asked SS to please be very still. SS is averigua (nosy) as heck and just had to know what the fuss was about.

SS: What happened Mama? (As in why are you shrieking and making a face of disgust, you are an experienced toxic diaper changer).
Me: SS please be VERY still, you have a really runny diaper and I do not want your
feces flying all over the place, and KEEP your hands away, I DO NOT need help.
SS: Where's my poo poo Mama?
Me: All over sweetie... (I was distracted).
SS: Is in my gina?
Me: Yes, baby it is all over.
SS: Oh no, now my gina stinks.

Gee, and I thought I was doing a decent job containing the toxic spill. Bending over in laughter while doing what I was doing is not advisable. But I have no common sense and SS caught me off guard. Heh.

* SS has been able to say vagina clearly for quite a while. The gina word is one of those baby words she has picked up at school. If a child cannot pronounce a word, fine, whatever approximates the word is acceptable. I just don't understand people's need to give cutesy names to genitalia. Is it so hard to say penis or vagina? We all have them, come on, give the real word a try. God forbids your child finds herself in a forensic interview situation, you will be glad you did not cut corners. Trust me on that one.

** It should be vulva or labia and vagina, but it is difficult to get the outside/inside distinction down with little ones, and it improperly morphed into vagina. Heck, that is better than a cutesy name.

I knew it was only a matter of time before she stole my purse. This is the last time SS will get to wear her skulls and bones (aka Halloween) thighs. They are high water but she really wanted to wear them.

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